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Vice Chancellor Education and Research Awards 2019


MSDI's educators are excellent. It's official.

MSDI's education team have received two awards from the 2019 Monash Vice Chancellor's Education and Research Awards.

Gitanjali Bedi, Annette Bos and David Robertson from MSDI's Sustainable Development Education Program all received awards for their sustainability education and teaching. The awards, coming only three years into the life of their units, is testament to the impact they’ve been able to achieve in a short amount of time.

Individual Honours

Gitanjali Bedi, Lecturer and Senior Learning Coordinator, won a Citation for Outstanding Contribution to Student Learning for the undergraduate capstone unit – Sustainability Practice and Organisations – taught through Monash's Faculty of Business and Economics.

Gitanjali said the teaching was geared around helping students lead and contribute to positive change in society. "We intend for our students to leave our courses not only with new knowledge and skills but with transformed mindsets," she said.

Team Awards

MSDI's Deputy Director of Education, Associate Professor Annette Bos, and Lecturer, David Robertson, also won a team Award for Teaching Excellence for their contributions to the Monash Cross-Faculty Masters in Environment and Sustainability. The award recognises in particular their work in the Leadership for Sustainable Development stream and the Processes to Influence Change unit.

The awards are the top-level of recognition available for education at Monash.

David says the key to their success has been the team's collaborative approach. "We've achieved it by building strong collaborations across Monash's Faculties, the Education Academy, and internally at MSDI," David says. "Sustainable development depends on teamwork and cross-disciplinary engagement, and that's the foundation of our education. Maintaining our collaborations and building new ones will mean we can continue to create and deliver excellent learning experiences."

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Annette Bos

Deputy Director - Education,  Monash Sustainable Development Institute
T: +61 3 9905 0353

Annette has conducted research, capacity development and consultancy in water services management across Europe and Africa and has worked extensively with industry, government agencies and aid organisations. Prior to joining MSDI, she was a lead researcher with the CRC for Water Sensitive Cities.

Gitanjali Bedi

Senior Learning Coordinator / Lecturer, Sustainable Development Education Program
T: +61 3 9902 4221

Gitanjali has worked as a learning and capacity development consultant and trainer with organisations such as LEAD International (UK), United Nations Development Programme and the International Union for Conservation (IUCN).

David Robertson

Lecturer, Sustainable Development Education Program
T: +61 3 9902 0730

David has worked on a variety of education and communication projects in Australia, Malaysia and the UK, from hands-on waterway outreach with schools on the Gold Coast to large-scale theatrical science festivals at the Science Museum in London.