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Date Monday 20 May 2019
Time 5:30 - 6.30 pm AEST
Venue Dialogue Event Centre, 27-29 Little Lonsdale Street
Cost Free



How do we use evidence? More importantly, why do we do so? Inherent within each organisation or agency is a culture that shapes the way it interprets and responds to different cues, including various types of information.

At the very core of information processing and decision-making studies is the distinction between intuitive and rational decisions characterised by system I and system II thinking, respectively.

Intuitive decisions are subject to various forms of bias and errors of judgment. NERD (Norms of Evidence and Research in Decision making) provides a mechanism to assess the extent to which organisations are predisposed to seek out and use evidence to support decisions, thereby overcoming the biases potentially associated with more intuitive cultures.

Professor Jeremy Hall from the University of Central Florida will examine the way NERD can help organisations to become more rational, and in turn, how organizations can build capacity to improve their NERDiness.