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The Change Room - Trials and Tribulations


Date Thursday 17 May 2018
Time 5:45 pm AEST
Venue Dialogue, 27-29 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne
Cost Free (bookings essential)

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The Change Room is a new series of live events presented by BehaviourWorks Australia where we share quirky truths from the behavioural sciences to give you, the audience, a better understanding of why people behave the way they do.

This Change Room will take a look at what goes in to running a typical trial, including Randomised Controlled Trials, and some common misconceptions. In this event we'll be throwing you into an actual randomised trial. Really. Longitudinal studies take months or even years. This Change Room is shorter, but as always, it will showcase behaviour change in a surprising and interactive way, so bring your phones.

Host Geoff Paine joins Nick Faulkner and Fraser Tull to find out what goes into a clinical trial, and what comes out in the wash - sorry, the data. Bookings are essential

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