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Green Steps 20th Anniversary

16 December 2020

What does it mean to be a part of the Monash Sustainable Development Institute's award-wining Green Steps program? For those who have delivered it during a remarkable 20 years, it has been a calling.

Discrimination is on the rise despite Australians wanting to do the right thing

4 December 2020

The Inclusive Australia Social Inclusion Index 2019/2020 report has been released. It shows that, while attitudes across Australia are changing, there has been an increase in discrimination.

Poor business dealings of big fashion brands driving poverty wages: Oxfam

25 November 2020

A new report from Oxfam, Shopping for a Bargain, has exposed a system of poor purchasing practices - including aggressive price negotiation, inaccurate forecasting of orders, short lead times and last-minute changes to orders – that is having a profound impact on the lives of workers.

What are the health benefits of reducing greenhouse gases?

4 November 2020

How can reducing greenhouse gas emissions benefit human health and the environment? Our Social Systems Evidence team reviews the evidence.

Water and sustainable cities

27 October 2020

Can Integrated Water Management principles provide a unifying vision that leads to more liveable, resilient and sustainable cities? Monash Sustainable Development Institute experts are helping the water utilities industry show the way.

Monash scientist appointed to UN Sustainable Development Advisory Group

21 October 2020

Monash University academic Dr Shirin Malekpour is the only Australian among 15 world-leading scientists appointed by the United Nations to advise the UN on global sustainable development.

Accelerating Education for the SDGs

5 October 2020

The Monash Sustainable Development Institute (MSDI) is proud to have played a key role in the preparation of a major new guide Accelerating Education for the SDGs, recently launched by the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN).

Towards a circular textiles economy

30 September 2020

Can transitioning to a circular economy help lead to a sustainable fashion industry in Australia? Our team thinks it can provide a winning formula in more ways than one.

Urban forests and income

24 September 2020

Is there a relationship between urban forests and income? Our Social Systems Evidence team reviews the evidence.

2020 Flourish Prizes

17 September 2020

Two MSDI students were names as  finalists in the 2020 Flourish Awards. Their articles examined positive business innovations that could help achieve the Sustainable Development Goals.

Teach Green

28 August 2020

How do we prepare healthcare professionals to address sustainability and planetary health challenges? We spoke with Gabrielle Brand and Gitanjali Bedi about teaching planetary health to students and healthcare professionals.

Hand washing and social distancing decline in WA, sparking warnings of complacency

13 August 2020

Researchers say West Australians are "more relaxed" than the rest of the nation when it comes to physical distancing, hand hygiene and other protective behaviours aimed at preventing community spread of coronavirus.

Covid-rules still being questioned

12 August 2020

Professor Liam Smith is the Director of BehaviourWorks Australia at the Monash Sustainable Development Institute and he told ABC NewsRadio's Sandy Aloisi that any restrictions will become normalised over time.

How does one of the most polluted cities in the world become a leader in sustainability?

12 August 2020

Stathi Paxinos spoke with Dr Wikke Novalia about the transformation of Surbaya, Indonesia.

How does inequality transform our relationship to water?

6 August 2020

Stathi Paxinos spoke with Dr Paul Satur, recent winner of Australian Young Water Professional of the Year by the Australian Water Association, about how inequality shapes our relationship to water.

Can Victorians stick to the stage 4 rules?

6 August 2020

Liam Smith and Jim Curtis, from BehaviourWorks Australia, examine the question of whether people will actually stick to the new COVID-19 restrictions in Victoria.

Why some Australians are rebelling against coronavirus face mask advice

23 July 2020

Fraser Tull, from BehaviourWorks Australia, spoke with SBS about how it takes time for new behaviours to become habitual.

Worldwide experts consider holistic pandemic response

23 July 2020

Professor John Thwaites spoke with The Wire’s Sarah Martin about his appointment to The Lancet COVID-19 Commission.

Why Study Behaviour Change

22 July 2020

We explain why studying and understanding behaviour can help design interventions that have a greater chance of success.

Has Covid-19 pushed the plastic waste agenda backwards?

21 July 2020

The increased use of plastics during the Covid-19 pandemic has raised concerns the crisis is leading to more plastic waste reaching the environment.

Monash Professor John Thwaites appointed to prestigious The Lancet COVID-19 Commission

20 July 2020

Professor John Thwaites, Chair of Monash University’s Sustainable Development Institute & ClimateWorks Australia, is the only Australian appointed to the prestigious The Lancet COVID-19 Commission..

We asked multicultural communities how best to communicate COVID-19 advice. Here’s what they told us.

17 July 2020

Abby Wild, Breanne Kunstler and Denise Goodwin, from BehaviourWorks Australia, teamed up with Professor Helen Skouteris, from Monash Centre for Health Research and Implementation, to survey diverse communities about the best way to communicate with them about COVID-19.

Environmental Impacts Of Health Care

16 July 2020

A world first, international study reveals Environmental change is harming health, but our current models of health care are harming the environment too

Health care has a huge environmental footprint, which then harms health. This is a matter of ethics

16 July 2020

Our Director, Tony Capon, along with Arunima Malik, David Pencheon, Helga Weisz and Manfred Lenzen, examine the environmental footprint of healthcare services, which then further impact human health.

Are you worried your fitness regime lost its way during the last lockdown?

12 July 2020

Dr Brea Kunstler, from BehaviourWorks Australia, was interviewed by Channel 9 about her recent into Australia's sedentary behaviour during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Physical activity and sedentary behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic: An Australian population study

10 July 2020

Dr Brea Kunstler, from BehaviourWorks Australia, released her new paper examinging sedentary behaviour during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Networks and Loneliness

9 July 2020

Can e-interventions increase social networks and reduce loneliness in older people? Our Social Systems Evidence team reviews the evidence.

How will Melburnians respond to being told to lockdown for a second time?

8 July 2020

Professor Liam Smith, Director of BehaviourWorks Australia, is interviewed by Dr Norman Swan on ABC TV 7.30 discussing how Melburnians may respond to being told to lockdown for a second time.

Global report gives Australia an A for coronavirus response but a D on climate

6 July 2020

The global Sustainable Development Report 2020, released this week in New York, ranks Australia third among OECD countries for the effectiveness of its response to the COVID-19 pandemic, beaten by only South Korea and Latvia.

MSDI researcher named Australian Young Water Professional of the Year

30 June 2020

Monash Sustainable Development Institute is thrilled to announce that Dr Paul Satur has been named Australian Young Water Professional of the Year by the Australian Water Association.

Renovation rescue: 6 ways to ensure HomeBuilder helps consumers, the climate and the economy

26 June 2020

The federal government’s new HomeBuilder scheme offers eligible Australians money to renovate or build a home. While it’s attracted controversy, HomeBuilder does offer a much-needed opportunity to make old homes more energy-efficient.

Building Back Better

22 June 2020

Our director, Tony Capon, and Fiona Armstrong explain how building a healthier, greener and more equitable world was made possible by the disruption caused by COVID-19.

Avoiding single-use plastic was becoming normal, until coronavirus

24 June 2020

Kim Borg and Jim Curtis, from our BehaviourWorks Australia team, worked with Professor Jo Lindsay to examine how we can return to good habits of avoiding single use plastics during the COVID-19 pandemic.

David Pencheon Joins MSDI

16 June 2020

Global sustainable healthcare expert, Professor David Pencheon OBE, joins Monash Sustainable Development Institute as an Adjunct Professor.

How behavioural science can inform COVID-19 policy

11 June 2020

Director of BehaviourWorks Australia, Liam Smith,  writes about how the insights of behavioural science can improve decision making and public policy in crisis situations.

Why do people comply: exploring regulation during COVID-19

10 June 2020

Director of BehaviourWorks Australia, Liam Smith, writes about how the insights of behavioural science can improve decision making and public policy in crisis situations.

Why do people comply: exploring regulation during COVID-19

5 June 2020

Director of BehaviourWorks Australia, Liam Smith, joined a webinar hosted by the Australia and New Zealand School of Government to talk about recently conducted research on COVID-19 compliance in Australia.

Getting the most out of your telehealth consultations during COVID-19

2 June 2020

Telehealth has been around for a while, predominantly in remote areas and residential aged care homes, but it's never been widespread. Then COVID-19 hit and telehealth consultations have reportedly surged by 40 per cent. Here is how you can get the most out of your telehealth appointment.

Emerging from COVID-19 lockdown: What former prisoners can teach us

1 June 2020

Peter Slattery and Alexander Saeri, from our BehaviourWorks Australia team, are leading the Australian chapter of the Survey of COVID-19 Responses to Understand Behaviour (SCRUB) project. The SCRUB project is a real-time survey tracking how groups of people all over the world are behaving.

Building blocks of change

26 May 2020

Associate Professor Peter Bragge explains the four basic building blocks of a successful behaviour change campaign.

Emerging from COVID-19 lockdown: What former prisoners can teach us

20 May 2020

Anny Wild, from our BehaviourWorks Australia team, describes how we can learn to deal with COVID-19 related lock-downs from the experiences of former prisoners.

Climactic Podcast with Eva Brennan

17 May 2020

Professor Tony Capon and Associate Professor Ro McFarlane, discuss how our planetary system is destabilising, forcing species to interact in new ways and leading to new diseases like COVID-19.

Rapid Review - Schools and COVID-19

7 May 2020

Loyal Pattuwage and Peter Bragge, from our Social Systems Evidence team, review the argument for keeping schools closed during COVID-19.

Free classes on disaster reponse

16 April 2020

Monash Sustainable Development Institute is thrilled to partner with 11 institutions from around the world to deliver a massive open online course (MOOC) to improve responses to COVID-19 and other crises.

Times of great change can lead to great... change

14 April 2020

With life as we know it suspended and everyone finding new ways of being in the world, adding more change to daily life might seem counterintuitive. But Kim Borg from BehaviourWorks says times of great upheaval can be the best times to embed new habits.

Interviews From The Front Line

7 April 2020

Dr Selina Lo, a Senior Research Fellow at MSDI, spoke with some colleagues for World Health Day. They discussed their concerns for front line health care workers during the COVID-19 outbreak and shared their personal concerns for the health of the public.

Australians more worried about recession than coronavirus

7 April 2020

More Australians are worried about the longer-lasting, societal effects of the COVID-19 pandemic – specifically that the health system could be overburdened and the country could enter a recession.

Ignoring we’re part of the natural world is leading to viral outbreaks

1 April 2020

Our director, Tony Capon, says we need to rethink our relationship with the natural world if we want to prevent future outbreaks.

Coronavirus is a wake-up call

31 March 2020

Our war with the environment is leading to pandemics.

Stay positive, Scott Morrison: when you berate people for bad behaviour, they do it more

27 March 2020

COVID-19 is a rare moment in time where individual behaviours can have profound impacts on society.

Running out of things to do in isolation? Get back in the garden with these ideas from 4 experts

26 March 2020

Right now, the best thing we can do to help stop the alarming spread of coronavirus is to stay home. But that doesn’t mean we can’t find pleasure in nature or help the environment.

Coronavirus and you: how your personality affects how you cope and what you can do about it

25 March 2020

To some people, fighting in the aisles over toilet paper makes sense.

COVID-19: Emotional and behavioural reactions to the unexpected

24 March 2020

No matter who you are or where you are, there’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has affected your life, and how you live it.

Why are we calling it ‘social distancing’?

24 March 2020

Right now, we need social connections more than ever.

What impact will COVID-19 have on the war on waste?

24 March 2020

As Victorians work from home in response to COVID-19, will our efforts to be more sustainable be hampered?

COVID-19: Toilet paper panic trickle-down

13 March 2020

With toilet paper in short supply due to the panic buying in response to COVID-19, Monash researchers warn there's a risk that toilet paper alternatives such as wet wipes, napkins and thicker paper may lead to another major "monster" waste issue.

Powering Australia's Future

10 March  2020

Monash Sustaiable Development Institute partnered with 5 Monash faculties and institutes to win $349 million in government funding for renewable energy.

Panic and toilet paper

5 March 2020

Even our own experts from BehaviourWorks couldn’t resist the urge to buy toilet paper...

Will four bins help to solve our waste crisis?

2 March 2020

Australia is still grappling with what to do with the glut of recyclable material after China closed most of its market to our recycling in 2018.

A shared journey to recovery

27 February 2020

Connecting communities with ecological restoration projects can achieve the dual goals of improving mental health and ecological recovery.

NZ Prime Minister visits RISE project

26 February 2020

NZ Prime Minister, Jacinda Ardern, launches construction of Australian-led water and sanitation program with experts in Fiji.

More funding promised to men’s behaviour change programs, but we’re still not sure they work

24 February 2020

The ultimate aim is to achieve positive behaviour change in men and increase the safety and well-being of their partners, ex-partners and families. But what do these programs involve? And do they work?

Right Here, Right Now - Episode 9 of "What Happens Next?"

13 February 2020

Nick Faulkner, Research Fellow from BehaviourWorks Australia, speaks with Susan Carland about the rise of right-wing extremism.

222 scientists say cascading crises are the biggest threat to future generations

12 February 2020

Tony Capon explains what the future holds for our planet in the new report "Our Future on Earth, 2020".

Lots of people want to help nature after the bushfires – we must seize the moment

12 February 2020

Big, life-changing moments – whether society-wide or personal – provide unique opportunities to disrupt habits and foster new behaviours. Think of how a heart attack can prompt some people to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

Is it time to rethink our language on climate change?

6 January 2020

Gitanjali Bedi and Stathi Paxinos give their insights into shaping the language of climate action.

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