Comparative Research on Sustainability in Education

Event Name Comparative Research on Sustainability in Education
Start Date 10 Apr 2019 1:00 pm
End Date 10 Apr 2019 2:00 pm
Duration 1 hour

Associate Professor Alan Reid from Monash Education and Professor Marcia McKenzie, Director of the Sustainability Education Research Institute from the University of Saskatchewan in Canada.

In this talk, Alan and Marcia will be sharing the methods and results of several large comparative research projects, which have been working to provide data and to support national and international policy-making. The projects were developed through a collaboration between international researchers, national and international organisations and UN agencies. They are good examples of how educational research can help advance progress on Sustainable Development Goal targets — in particular, 4.7 (education for sustainable development), 12.8 (education for sustainable consumption), and 13.3 (climate change education).

Alan and Marcia will share the highlights of the collaborative process, discuss how the projects have been developed and managed, outline the comparative data collection and analysis methods, and share strategies for mobilising knowledge. Through these Canadian-led examples, together we’ll explore the possibilities for future Australian-led comparative research projects aimed at advancing sustainability in education in Australia and globally.

About Associate Professor Reid

Associate Professor Alan Reid from Monash’s Faculty of Education is editor of the international research journal, Environmental Education Research, and publishes regularly on environmental and sustainability education. He edited Environmental Education: critical concepts in the environment, which reviews 50 years of activity in this area, and Curriculum and Environmental Education: Perspectives, Priorities and Challenges. Alan’s work focuses on growing traditions, capacities and the impact of environmental and sustainability education. A key vehicle for this is his work with the Global Environmental Education Partnership, and via eePRO Research and Evaluation.

About Professor McKenzie

Dr Marcia McKenzie is a Professor in the Department of Educational Foundations and Director of the Sustainability Education Research Institute at the University of Saskatchewan in Canada. She is Principal Investigator of the Sustainability and Education Policy Network, and co-author of Place in Research: Theory, Methodology, and Methods (Routledge, 2015). She has also co-authored Critical Education and Sociomaterial Practice: Narration, Place and the Social (Peter Lang, 2016) and is co-editor of a number of publications. Her interdisciplinary research focuses on social theory and education; education policy; climate change, environment, and sustainability education; place; and the relationships between policy making and research.