Assessing global material use and greenhouse gas emissions to 2060

Event Name Assessing global material use and greenhouse gas emissions to 2060
Start Date 11 Feb 2021 12:00 pm
End Date 11 Feb 2021 1:00 pm
Duration 1 hour

How much can ambitious policies for resource efficiency and climate mitigation achieve?

Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals requires decoupling of natural resource use and environmental pressures from economic growth and living standards. Many countries have called for improved resource efficiency, along with inclusive economic growth and deep cuts in global greenhouse emissions.

However, the outlooks for and interactions between global natural resource use, resource efficiency, economic growth and greenhouse emissions are not well understood. How much can be achieved through well designed policies fostering sustainable consumption and production? What is the role of the circular economy?

This talk reviews the current Australian resource use trajectories and situates them in a global context and discusses a shift towards sustainable urban and industrial systems in Australia. It is based on research and modelling for the UNEP International Resource Panel and research for the Australian Federal government.


Dr Heinz Schandl is a senior science leader at the CSIRO Land & Water Division. His research informs evidence-based policies for sustainable consumption and production, resource efficiency, waste minimization and the circular economy. He is the president of the International Society of Industrial Ecology, a member of the UNEP International Resource Panel and an adjunct professor at the Graduate School for Environmental Studies at Nagoya University, Japan. He is the waste mission lead for the National Environmental Science Program (NESP) Sustainable Communities and Waste Hub and a member of the Recycling and Clean Energy taskforce for the Modern Manufacturing Initiative.

Download the presentation slides here (PDF,  3737 kB)