Academic Publications

Academic Publications

Our research is designed to make an impact and transform lives. Our world leading experts are developing insights and contributing to the global conversation on sustainable development and how to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals. Explore our latest academic publications below.

Incumbency and political compromises: Opportunity or threat to sustainability transitions? Novalia, W., Rogers, B. & Bos, J., June 2021, In: Environmental Innovation and Societal Transitions.

Towards environmentally sustainable food systems: decision-making factors in sustainable food production and consumption, Hoek, A.C., Malekpour, S., Raven, R., Court, E. & Byrne, E., April 2021, In: Sustainable Production and Consumption. 26, p. 610-626 17p.

Gendered stereotypes and norms: A systematic review of interventions designed to shift attitudes and behaviour, Stewart, R., Wright, B., Smith, L., Roberts, S. & Russell, N., Apr 2021, In: Heliyon. 7, 4, e06660

Urban planning by experiment at precinct scale: embracing complexity, ambiguity, and multiplicity, Sharp, D. & Raven, R., 26 Mar 2021, In: Urban Planning. 6, 1, p. 195-207, 13 p.

Communicating COVID-19 health information to culturally and linguistically diverse communities: insights from a participatory research collaboration, Wild, A., Kunstler, B., Goodwin, D., Onyala, S., Zhang, L., Kufi, M., Salim, W., Musse, F., Mohideen, M., Asthana, M., Al-Khafaji, M., Geronimo, M.A., Coase, D., Chew, E., Micallef, E. & Skouteris, H., 10 Mar 2021, In: Public Health Research & Practice. 31, 1, 5 p.

“Critical agents of change?”: opportunities and limits to children’s participation in urban planning, Mansfield, R.G., Batagol, B. & Raven, R., 17 February 2021, In: Journal of Planning Literature. 36: 2, p. 170-186

Priorities for science to support national implementation of the sustainable development goals: a review of progress and gaps, Allen, C., Metternicht, G. & Wiedmann, T., 20 Jan 2021, In: Sustainable Development. 18 p.

Toward the dynamic modeling of transition problems: the case of electric mobility, Zolfagharian, M., Walrave, B., Romme, A.G.L. & Raven, R., 2021, In: Sustainability. 13, 1, 23 p., 38.

Rethinking community empowerment in the energy transformation: a critical review of the definitions, drivers and outcomes, Coy, D., Malekpour, S., Saeri, A.K. & Dargaville, R., Feb 2021, In: Energy Research & Social Science. 72, 13 p., 101871

Environmentally sustainable hospital food services: drawing on staff staff perspectives to guide change, Carino, S., Collins, J., Malekpour, S. & Porter, J., Jan 2021, In: Sustainable Production and Consumption. 25, p. 152-161 10p

Towards a multi-level framework of household food waste and consumer behaviour: untangling spaghetti soup, Boulet, M., Hoek, A. C. & Raven, R., 1 Jan 2021, In : Appetite. 156, 12 p.

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