Research capabilities

Research capabilities

Our interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary research capabilities cut across our major initiatives and projects. Our dedicated MSDI Research Team also provides strategic research support across MSDI, bringing expertise in a range of areas related to systems transformation.

  • Behaviour change

    Our dedicated behavioural researchers are conducting research and producing evidence on which behavioural approaches work best to address social, environmental and organisational problems.

  • Emissions reduction

    We're leading analysis to help bridge the gap between climate research and action. We're exploring the ways to help Australia and our region transition to net zero emissions, in line with the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

  • Water sensitive cities

    We're driving industry-led research and innovation in water systems and water sensitive transformations. Our researchers are influencing the global and local SDG agenda by building industry, government and community capacity.

  • Sustainability transitions and experimentation

    We’re exploring questions that relate to the dynamics and governance of major changes in socio-technical systems such as energy, water, waste or cities.

  • Futures and adaptive planning

    We’re exploring the future in the context of far-reaching systems of change. We’re also exploring the kind of planning and future visioning tools that can be meaningfully applied in times of deep uncertainty and change.

  • Sustainable development governance

    We’re exploring how sustainable development is governed across different levels and geographies, both in Australia and our region (e.g. Indonesia).

  • Justice and social inclusion

    We’re exploring normative, ethical, legal and political questions around who is and who should be involved in determining the direction and outcomes of system transformation.

MSDI also has a dedicated Research Team

In addition to research done within our key initiatives, we have a dedicated MSDI research team. Headed by our Deputy Director Research, Professor Rob Raven, the team coordinates transdisciplinary research across MSDI and spearheads research into systems transformation and sustainability transitions.

If you're interested in collaborating with MSDI on a research project, our Research team can help bring together research strengths and capabilities from across the Institute.

Meet the team

Contact Professor Rob Raven for more information or to discuss MSDI’s Research