Bespoke courses

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Bespoke courses

Our bespoke courses support leaders and organisations to identify, understand and creatively respond to complex societal challenges.

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  • Designed for you: from half-day workshops to long-term partnerships

  • Ideal for management, staff, or those in senior executive positions

Our experts will show you how to find practical solutions and build capability for long-term resilience and success; from managing environmental, social and governance (ESG) risks, to influencing change, to embracing a circular economy. Our courses can cover:

  • Technical training

  • Exploratory visioning

  • Risk management

  • Strategic agenda setting

  • Capability and leadership development

  • Systems thinking and problem solving

Areas of expertise

We bring together leading experts and contributors from a range of different disciplines to design and deliver capacity building and training that is inspiring, engaging, and outcome-focused.

Our core strength is our genuine interdisciplinary approach to the social, environmental and economic dimensions of sustainable development. Our subject matter expertise includes behaviour change, integrated water management, climate mitigation, planetary health, leadership for sustainability, ESG and transition management amongst other areas. In creating our bespoke offerings, we prioritise the following:

  • We draw on quality research and the latest evidence and trends
  • We bring in industry experts with practical experience and insights
  • We prioritise good pedagogical design
  • We have experience in face-to-face, online and hybrid delivery modes
  • We work closely with clients to ensure programs meet your specific needs.

Previous clients

MSDI is already working with a wide variety of organisations including governments, private sector organisations and NGOs to deliver tailor-made programs. These programs are made in collaboration with clients and offer organisations a better understanding of societal challenges alongside strategies to create long-term purpose and value.

We have previously designed:

  • Directors level program with VicWater
  • ESG capability development program with Westpac
  • Climate risk program with CBA
  • Behaviour change bootcamp with NSW EPA
  • Public problem solving course with ANZSOG

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