Our graduate researchers

Our graduate researchers

Our graduate researchers are exploring innovative ways to solve the world’s biggest challenges and are working on some of MSDI’s most interesting research projects.

Mark Boulet

Thesis topic: Exploring the relationship between household food waste and behaviour.

This research project is developing a more sophisticated, multi-level understanding of household food waste and consumer behaviour to assist in the development of multi-policy and program interventions to tackle the problem of food waste.

Lisa Brocker

Thesis Topic: The impact of public sector training and how it influences behaviour back in the workplace.

This research project is using a socio-cognitive model of behaviour to examine the drivers of humility behaviour, understand what motivates expressed humility behaviours and gain insight into how such behaviours may be fostered in individuals and organisations.

Corina Crisan

Corina Crisan

Thesis Topic: Community organisations can help prevent mental injuries.

This research project aims to determine the structures for promoting community programs that can help improve workers’ mental wellbeing and safety in the workplace.

Andrea Cuesta Claros

Thesis Topic: Sustainable Development Goals and the transformative role of higher education institutions.

This research project aims to understand the transformative role of universities and how the SDGs influence this role.

Jennifer Dam

Thesis Topic: Fostering knowledge translation between VicHealth collaborators.

This research project is looking at how to foster knowledge translation between VicHealth collaborators to improve social and structural inequalities associated with health outcomes.

Jenni Downes

Thesis Topic: A critical realist synthesis of drivers of household recycling behaviour.

This research project aims to contribute to a more circular economy and society by developing robust scholarly knowledge that can be applied practically to improve household kerbside recycling behaviours.

Joel Edwards

Thesis Topic: How to maximise the compliance of small and medium businesses with a duty of care for the environment.

This research project seeks to understand what motivates businesses to do the right thing and adjust the design and application of regulatory tools to leverage those motivations.

Jarrod Grainger-Brown

Thesis Topic: Urban transformation and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in cities

This research project is focused on how the SDG agenda can be best implemented in cities, using the emergent field of ‘urban transformations’ to explore how the current city SDG approaches are working and how their transformative potential could be increased.

Melissa Hatty

Thesis Topic: Encouraging Victorians to connect with and protect nature.

This research project is investigating how to protect and enhance Victoria's natural environment by getting people out in it and loving it.

Wing Hsieh

Thesis Topic: Reducing prejudice against migrants.

This research project involves designing an intervention in collaboration with Australia Post to reduce prejudice against migrants and make Australia a more inclusive society.

Laura Jennings

Laura Jennings

Thesis Topic: Improving racial inclusion in the workplace.

This research project is addressing the current research-practice gap in diversity and inclusion initiatives, and aims to empirically assist both scholars and practitioners to improve workplace inclusion.

Fareed Kaviani

Thesis Topic: Smart phones are making us dangerous drivers.

This research project is exploring new techniques for stopping illegal phone use while driving and how distractions from devices are being exacerbated by longer journey times.

Michaela lang

Michaela Lang

Thesis Topic: Encouraging landlords to take on energy efficiency for rental properties.

This research project is investigating how to encourage landlords to improve the energy performance of their rental properties, instead of leaving it to tenants.

Robyn Mansfield

Thesis Topic: Mainstreaming children's participation in urban planning in vulnerable settings. (RISE)

This research project is examining what enables or prevents children from participating in urban planning projects in vulnerable settlements and the implications for transferability.

Dominique McCollum Coy

Thesis Topic: Empowerment to the people: communities and the energy transformation.

This research project is exploring how to empower communities through renewable energy and to understand the role of behaviour, and behaviour change, in energy transformation.

Dianty Ningrum

Thesis Topic: Enabling local sustainability within Agenda 2030

This research project is developing a model to assist with operationalising bottom-up local sustainability within Agenda 2030.

Alexander Nordt

Thesis Topic: Influencing sustainability transitions in policy and practice

This research project aims to understand pathways towards sustainable development, at both national and subnational levels, by studying policies and governance processes.

Kathie Pawluk De Toledo

Katherine Pawluk De-Toledo

Thesis Topic: Tackling congestion on our roads - correlation between the level of information and influence on travel behaviour.

This research project is exploring how new technologies are impacting travel behaviour and transforming road congestion. The project aims to tackle road congestion and influence travel behaviour.

Rebecca Stewart

Thesis Topic: Rewriting the rules of what it means to be a man.

This research project is exploring what it means to be a ‘real man’ - and how ‘healthier masculinities’ can influence attitudes and behaviour to reduce violence against women.

Madeleine Thomas

Thesis topic: Behind the scenes - Government risk communication for chemical pollution.

This research project is looking at how communication can be used to encourage behaviour change associated with reducing people’s environmental exposure to pollutants.

Hannah Turner

Thesis Topic: Exploring the relationship between self-efficacy and flood protection in informal urban settlements in Fiji. (RISE)

Alexandra Waddell

Thesis Topic: Doctors can share decision-making when dealing with patients.

This research project aims to train clinicians to share medicine with patients, putting patients at the centre of their health care.

Jane Wardani

Thesis Topic: Towards a practice framework for transdisciplinary research collaboration for sustainable development. (RISE)

This research project will develop an integrative framework to guide the practice of transdisciplinary research in planetary health as an emerging field. It is building on long-standing scholarship and practical experience in public health and sustainability in developing country contexts.

Bodhi Weaver

Thesis Topic: Exploring preventative approaches to promote the mental health of emergency services personnel.

This research project explores how to cultivate preventative approaches to help to decrease psychological injury in emergency services personnel.

Lisa Wheildon

Thesis Topic: Driving policy change on gender-based violence.

This research project aims to explore how victim-survivors can most effectively (and safely) inform public policy to prevent gender-based violence.

Eunice Wong

Thesis Topic: Improving patient-centred care in public health settings

This research project seeks to identify behavioural change approaches that can improve medical interactions and processes with consumers to achieve better health outcomes.

Conor Wynn

Thesis Topic: How power influences behaviour in projects

This research project explores how those with power influence behaviour in projects, and how those subject to that power resist.

Zefan Yu

Zefan Yu

Thesis Topic: A bottom-up global urban sustainability assessment and its applications in urban social-environmental studies under various urbanization scenarios.

This research project is addressing the gaps and drawbacks in current urban sustainability assessment approaches from material perspectives, and promising research methodologies to fill the gaps.

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