Find a supervisor

Find a supervisor

Choosing the right supervisor and project for your research is key to your success and will empower you to make new and innovative discoveries that can make a change.

Browse through our list of MSDI supervisors and their research interests below and click on their profiles to get in touch.

Mitzi Bolton
Sustainable development, SDGs, public policy, governance, integrated decision making and contaminated environments.

Annette Bos
Urban water, governance, social learning, sustainable transitions/education, transformative learning, SDG and interdisciplinary.

Mark Boulet
Research methods, evidence reviews, children and young people's health and wellbeing, forced migration, international development.

Peter Bragge
Methods of getting research evidence into policy and practice. Health quality improvement through behaviour change (of practitioners as well as larger scale public health challenges).

Tony Capon
Planetary health, environmental health, health promotion, human health, sustainable development and urbanisation.

James Curtis
Waste, behaviour change and environmental compliance.

Nicholas Faulkner
Social inclusion/prejudice reduction/racism, nudge/behavioural insights, randomised controlled trials/trial design.

Filia Garivaldis
Psychology and behaviour change, education systems, online teaching and learning.

Denise Goodwin
System thinking, qualitative methods, physical activity and health, health systems and behaviour change.

Jane Holden
Transdisciplinary research, water sensitive cities, waste management, research capacity building and research management.

Stefan Kaufman
Policy and practice translation, public value measurement, behaviour change, climate change, risk communication, social learning.

Paul Kellner
Behaviour change, food waste and household resource consumption, pro-environmental behaviours, multi-level frameworks, environmental education.

Celine Klemm
Mass media and environment, environmental health promotion (intersection of health promotion and environment), communication for development.

Sarah Kneebone
Behaviour change, environmental education, social inclusion.

Breanne Kunstler
Physical activity, exercise, physiotherapy, behaviour change.

Shirin Malekpour
SDG, sustainability transitions, infrastructure planning, urban transformations.

Fernanda Mata
Retirement, finances and behaviour change, advance understanding of human decision-making and behaviour change, cognitive assessment and policy studies in education/training and work.

Bernice Plant
Behaviour change in social influence and persuasion, social psychology and randomised controlled trials and systematic reviews.

Rob Raven
Systems innovation, sustainability transitions, energy, cities, mobility, spatial and institutional or governance perspective around the notion of experimentation.

Briony Rogers
Urban water, water sensitive cities, SDGs, strategic planning and governance.

Alexander (Zan) Saeri
Social psychological theories of behaviour change, social psychology, applied psychology, social identity, collective behaviour and collective decision making and behaviour change.

Paul Satur
Water and environmental management, social inclusion, social inequalities and cities.

Darren Sharp
Social learning, institutional arrangements and new urban imaginaries to drive the transformation of cities towards sustainability.

Peter Slattery
Persuasion for behaviour change, behavioural sciences and online interventions.

Liam Smith
Behavioural spill over, habit formation, organisational change, pro-environmental behaviour, behavioural economics, social inclusion and public policy.

Morgan Tear
Behavioural psychology, social psychology, workplace health and safety.

Fraser Tull
Behaviour change, behavioural science and behavioural intervention.

Susan Van de Meene
Urban water management, urban water governance, urban sustainability and socio-intuitional change.

Lara Werbeloff
Governance and institutional change, system change and innovation, urban water management.

Abby Wild
Social inclusion, social disadvantages, prison sociology and behaviour change to promote social connection.

Breanna Wright
Mental health and well-being, family violence, gender equality, patient engagement in healthcare.

Kun Zhao
Behavioural economics, social decision making, behaviour change and personality psychology.