Behaviour Change Microcredential

Applying Behavioural Science to Create Change Micro-credential

Do you want to understand human behaviour and how to influence it? Do you want to create change, but don't know where to start?

Whether tackling global issues like climate change, or challenges within your organisation, understanding how to influence behaviour is more important than ever.

MSDI’s Applying Behavioural Science to Create Change Micro-credential will empower you to create the change you seek in a range of sustainability contexts. This course is delivered by world-leading behaviour change experts.

This 8-week course will help you:

  • Define behaviour and describe its main influences
  • Unpack and analyse complex issues using a behavioural lens, including identification and selection of target audience and priority behaviours
  • Collect and investigate evidence to inform decision making from a variety of sources and research methods
  • Critically evaluate, select and apply appropriate tools, techniques and frameworks to assist in the design of behaviour change interventions
  • Design evaluation frameworks to assess the impact of behaviour change interventions
  • Understand the role of behavioural science in policy and practice

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Is this course for you?

Are you interested in upskilling or gaining specialised knowledge in behaviour change? This course is for you. If you have existing behaviour change needs, projects and ideas, or you're looking for affordable and flexible behaviour change expertise, this course will help you get started. It is also suitable for organisations looking to make positive and sustainable changes to workplace practices.

Take control of the change you want to create. Upskill in behavioural science and become a leader in creating behaviour-focused solutions.

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