Designing impactful behaviour change programs

online short course

Designing impactful behaviour change programs

8 May – 2 July, 2023
Early bird ends: 3 April, 2023
Registrations close: 28 April, 2023

$2200 incl. GST

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Change is hard. Unintended consequences, apathy, change fatigue…there may be a variety of reasons why your efforts to change behaviour just aren’t achieving the desired results.

In this 6-week online course we equip you with the skills and knowledge to design, implement and test behaviour change programs, using evidence-based strategies and cutting-edge research from our qualified behavioural scientists. Unlock the power of behavioural science to create real-world impact.

Gain hands-on experience through applied activities and practical case studies from real-world projects we have conducted. Through our engaging and relevant curriculum you will learn how to measure the effectiveness of your programs and continuously improve your results, achieving the impact you are seeking.

On completion you'll be able to

  • Review foundational principles of applied behavioural science

  • Draw from audience insights and evidence-based frameworks to select intervention types

  • Design behavioural interventions incorporating ‘nudge’ techniques and general behaviour change approaches

  • Reflect on the ethical implications and principles of influencing and measuring behaviour change

  • Identify and apply selection criteria to prioritise intervention designs for effective implementation

  • Critically appraise evaluation methods and plan for measuring intervention impact

  • Determine appropriate communication strategies to effectively share program outcomes with stakeholders and audiences

What you'll learn

Designing behaviour change programs and interventions

  • Preparing for intervention/program design
  • Investigating behavioural drivers
  • Using co-design techniques
  • Intervention prioritisation and implementation
  • Ethical consideration

Evaluating and measuring your behaviour change programs

  • Pre- and post- control designs
  • Developing data collection methods, including survey design, interview question design and facilitation, and observation checklists
  • Harnessing communication to disseminate complex ideas to influence change
  • Data analysis


Who should attend

This course is for you if you already have a basic understanding of behaviour change and are seeking to apply your knowledge to develop and implement programs in your work. For those less familiar with behaviour change methods, tools and techniques, we recommend taking Applying behavioural science to create change before pursuing this more focused course.

Program dates and times

8 May – 2 July, 2023
Early bird ends: 3 April 2023
Registrations close: 28 April 2023

4 September – 29 October, 2023
Early bird ends: 31 July 2023
Registrations close: 25 August 2023

The course is 6 weeks, starting from the course start date.

Program fee

$2200 (inc. GST)
Early Bird: 10% off

Core teaching staff

Guest presenters

  • Liam Smith – Director, Behaviourworks Australia
  • Sarah Kneebone – Senior Lecturer, Behaviourworks Australia
  • Kavya Raj – Assistant Lecturer, Behaviourworks Australia
  • Mark Boulet – Research Fellow, Behaviourworks Australia
  • Fraser Tull – Research Fellow, Behaviourworks Australia
  • Alexander Saeri – Research Fellow, Behaviourworks Australia
  • Lena Jungbluth – Research Fellow, Behaviourworks Australia
  • Jim Curtis – Associate Professor, Behaviourworks Australia
  • Kun Zhao – Research Fellow, Behaviourworks Australia