Using systems thinking to unpack problems

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Using systems thinking to unpack problems

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Have a problem you don't know how to solve?

When dealing with the increasingly complex and messy problems of today, it’s probably not the best strategy to focus on just one particular behaviour without first understanding the wider system. Doing so could result in frustratingly ineffective programs or even create new problems.

This course introduces a practical way to apply systems thinking to understand the problem and reveal the social, economic and environmental factors that may contribute to it. With these insights, you will be able to make better decisions about where to intervene and know which behaviours to target.

Bring your own problem to apply a systems approach and gain a broader perspective.

On completion you'll be able to

  • Know why, and how, systems thinking can directly contribute to the development of effective behaviour change initiatives.

  • Practice using ‘cause and effect’ mapping to gain a broader perspective of the context and situation of a problem.

  • Discover how these holistic, big picture approaches can illuminate different actors/behaviours that may be more impactful to focus on.

  • Uncover connections and influences that can inform later stages of the BehaviourWorks Method, such as identifying specific drivers of a behaviour and designing effective behaviour change evaluations.


Who should attend

This short course is for anyone who needs to understand a problem holistically and better identify ‘who needs to do what differently’.

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Program fee

$660 incl. GST