Climate Change and Carbon Management Strategies

Climate Change and Carbon Management Strategies BEX5200

Do you want to know how businesses can strategically manage the risks of climate change, while embracing opportunities? Would you like to know what role businesses play in the transition to a net-zero emissions economy?

This postgraduate unit is run by Climateworks Centre, a non-profit working within the Monash Sustainable Development Institute. The unit takes a dive deep into the role that businesses play in responding to climate change, including how to strategically navigate climate risk and uncertainty, and develop a company carbon reduction strategy. Students will learn about climate change and its economic impacts, the range of market and regulatory mechanisms for carbon mitigation, carbon accounting and forecasting, assessing carbon management projects, setting climate related targets, plus other ways that businesses do, and can, play a part in responding to the climate challenge.

This course will teach you to:

  • Understand the political, regulatory and economic impacts of climate change mitigation on businesses worldwide.
  • Demonstrate how to evaluate and articulate justifiable business strategies, and tactics that can address the impacts of market and regulatory changes that are linked to climate change.
  • Gain practical research skills, including working in groups with people from diverse cultural and social backgrounds.

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Is this course for you?

This course unit is designed for Monash students studying Business and Economics. Students from a diverse range of courses, including the Masters of Environment and Sustainability, are also encouraged to participate.

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More information

For more information, visit the BEX5200 course in the Handbook.


“All in all, a very well thought out unit which provided insight into climate change from a business perspective, and how management considers it. Really enjoyed the unit.”

“Such a challenging and useful unit for business students. Really appreciate the intensive discussions during the lecture and the tutorial class.”

“To be honest, before I attended this unit, I knew very little about climate change issues and was curious how people can estimate emissions and deal with the climate change. Now, I finally know about climate change and will improve my knowledge in the future, especially related to carbon finance.”