Sustainablity Practice and Organisations

Sustainability Practice and Organisations

Do you want to create a cleaner, more equitable world through organisational best practice on sustainability?
Do you want to apply real-world solutions to real-world problems?

Organisations are increasingly required to take into consideration and effectively manage the environmental, social and ethical (sustainability) impacts of their business. Opportunities to positively impact an organisation's sustainability journey reside at every level of an organisation and require multi-disciplinary, collaborative approaches to problem solve and innovate new sustainability practices.

About this unit

This undergraduate capstone unit - run by the Monash Sustainable Development Institute in collaboration with Monash Business School - will give you the chance to explore and understand the roles that organisations play in addressing global sustainability challenges.

The unit allows students to build a broad knowledge in global sustainable development challenges and understand the role organisations play in contributing to innovative solutions. Students will demonstrate an understanding of organisational drivers and collaboratively apply practical skills and approaches to support organisational change towards sustainability.

What's involved

Students will develop and demonstrate their career-readiness through the application to real world challenges, knowledge and skills such as: undertaking an environmental and social impact (‘B Corp’) assessment on a business of choice, researching and interviewing real businesses on sustainability innovations, communicating the business case for sustainability, developing skills in stakeholder engagement, cross cultural awareness and teamwork. Students will also learn how to integrate sustainability business practices to ensure organisations are better prepared to manage risk and costs, engage stakeholders, attract and retain personnel, enhance brand value and trust, and create innovative solutions.

What you'll learn

In this course you will:

  • Demonstrate a broad knowledge of global sustainable development challenges.
  • Acquire practical skills and knowledge for supporting change within an organisation towards sustainable practice.
  • Apply a sustainability impact assessment framework with an organisation and evaluate the findings.
  • Critically reflect on the role of organisations in contributing to sustainable development solutions.
  • Research and identify innovative solutions to sustainable development challenges.
  • Evaluate personal learning and personal development in contributing to the sustainability practice and organisational change process.

Structure of the unit

This undergraduate capstone unit is delivered through five intensive workshops that place a high emphasis on interactive learning. The course is taught through a combination of online learning, face-to-face learning with teachers and industry experts, and working in groups with fellow students.

Is this unit for you?

This unit is available to third and fourth year Monash undergraduate students who are majoring in business, economics, finance, or commerce.

How to enrol

To enrol in this unit, visit the Monash Handbook


This unit is available in summer semester or winter semester. Visit the Monash Handbook for more information.


On-campus at Monash Caulfield.

More information

For more information about this unit, please contact the Course Coordinator and Lecturer Gitanjali Bedi at .


‘Of all the units I've completed at Monash, this has been the best. Never have I enjoyed a unit so much. I feel inspired to look at a future in sustainability. The lecturer has been amazing, very passionate and very caring. I feel that this course has piqued my interest in sustainability and I hope to be able to explore it more in the near future. It is definitely an area that relates to me at a deeper level and one that I want to work in.’ (Student evaluation)

‘I really enjoyed the class and feel that I am now considering a career in sustainability which I hadn't before. I gave up my career in family law to 'get a business degree' so I could go and do something worthwhile with my life but have been feeling somewhat directionless about my future, so thanks for that’. (Student  Evaluation)

‘I enjoyed the course tremendously and have found myself seeking opportunities from companies that encourage sustainable practices’. (Student  Evaluation)

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