Graduate Certificate of Innovation for Sustainability

Graduate Certificate of Innovation for Sustainability

Create innovative solutions to some of the world’s most complex sustainability problems.


  • Broaden your knowledge of sustainability challenges
  • Help you analyse complex challenges through a behavioural lens and systems thinking
  • Teach you to design practical solutions by integrating creative thinking and evidence based approaches
  • Sharpen your communication and collaboration skills, and teach you how to build support for change initiatives


This course will provide you with the knowledge, tools and frameworks to implement innovative responses to our most pressing sustainability challenges. You’ll learn about innovation and change from the individual to the organisational, and systems level.


Sustainable Business and Innovation  

Our Sustainable Business and Innovation unit will help you build a broad knowledge of global sustainable development challenges. You’ll learn more about the role of business – both globally and locally – in creating innovating and entrepreneurial solutions. And you’ll acquire the practical skills necessary to create strategic and sustainable change.

Understanding Human Behaviour to Influence Change

Our Understanding Human Behaviour to Influence Change unit will give you the tools to influence others. You’ll learn from leading behaviour change experts how to unpack public policy challenges using a behavioural lens. We’ll teach you our very own BehaviourWorks Method. We’ll show you how to identify key drivers and use behaviour change techniques to bring about real-world results.

Climate Change and Carbon Management Strategies

Where might the corporate leaders of the future learn how to fight climate change today? This unit will take you through what it would be like to work in a business and have to consider its role in the transition to a net zero emissions economy. It will introduce you to business, regulatory and economic perspectives of climate change and its mitigation. You’ll get to wear the shoes of a sustainability manager, CEO or other decision maker and learn what needs to be considered in order to decarbonise your business.

Innovation to Influence Systems Change

Leadership towards sustainable development requires you to address complex problems that are often systemic and politically charged. This unit will empower you to make sense of large complex systems, use structured processes to influence change, and develop innovative ideas to create sustainable outcomes for real-world solutions.


To achieve the Graduate Certificate in Innovation for Sustainability, you must complete four units, worth 24 credit points. For more information, visit the Graduate Certificate page in the Monash Handbook.


This course is designed for practitioners in sustainability who are interested in creating innovative solutions. It has been designed for students from a diversity of sectors, ranging from business to the public sector and not-for profit. It is a pathway to the Master of Environment and Sustainability.


Associate Professor, Annette Bos

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