Master of Environment and Sustainability

Master of Environment and Sustainability


You're ready to change the world. We're ready to show you how. Do you want to become a leader in sustainability?


  • Give you practical tools you can use now
  • Offer you a truly interdisciplinary curriculum
  • Engage you in interactive learning
  • Introduce you to a multicultural, multidisciplinary cohort
  • Allow you to customise your learning with diverse elective options
  • Allow you to practice your skills in partnership with industry


In this specialisation you will learn about different models of leadership that are suited to dealing with complex problems that don’t have borders, techniques that will help you lead cross-disciplinary teams and how to promote real-world change.


Change Yourself

Our Leading Change for Sustainable Development unit will help you understand your potential as a leader. We’ll teach you the tools and techniques to lead cross-disciplinary teams and promote change. You’ll learn about the different models of leadership and which are suited to dealing with complex problems that have no borders. You’ll develop a personal plan you can put into action straight away about where and how you can be most effective as a leader.

Change Others

Our Understanding Human Behaviour to Influence Change unit will give you the tools to influence others. You’ll learn from leading behaviour change experts how to unpack public policy challenges using a behavioural lens. We’ll teach you our very own BehaviourWorks Method. We’ll show you how to identify key drivers and use behaviour change techniques to bring about real-world results.

Change Systems

Creating long-lasting and transformative change means combining long-term thinking with short-term action. But to change systems, you first need to understand them. Our Processes to Influence Change unit will show you how to analyse current systems and strategically plan social change to achieve sustainable development outcomes.

Change the World

In our capstone unit, you’ll put all your new skills to work. You’ll work in an interdisciplinary team with fellow students to identify, analyse and address a ‘real-world’ complex sustainability challenge. With your team, you’ll work on a 12-week project to find solutions to a sustainability governance, policy or management issue identified by one of our exciting partner organisations.


The Leadership for Sustainable Development Specialisation includes four units that can be taken alongside the core units in the Master of Environment and Sustainability. For more information, visit the Leadership for Sustainable Development specialisation page in the Monash Handbook .


Worldwide, there's a growing demand for professionals from a range of disciplines, organisations and sectors who can lead and deliver transformative change for sustainable development. If you want to make a bigger impact and help change the world for the better, we can support your journey, no matter where you are in your career.


Associate Professor, Annette Bos, Leadership for Sustainable Development Coordinator.

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David Robertson, Lecturer

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For more information about this specialisation see our Leadership for Sustainable Development Specialisation brochure.