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Bus Association Victoria

Company Info: Bus Association Victoria (BusVic) is the voluntary professional association for Victoria’s accredited bus and coach operators. BusVic extensively and strategically invests in research and development on safety factors, transport procurement, social, economic, environmental and governance on behalf of its members. BusVic’s members have a commitment to getting their customers home safely and safety is at the heart of everything that BusVic member operators do.

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  • PROJECT 1: Public versus private bus transport provision: Understanding the relationship between asset ownership and safety (CLOSED)

    While there is debate surrounding the performance of public versus private transport services on various levels, currently, there is little understanding of the influence of bus and other asset ownership (i.e., public versus private sectors) on safety and transport assets. This PhD project will examine and compare overall levels of bus safety using a range of measurable safety outcomes between private and public organisations to make inferences about which ownership model can be expected to deliver the best safety results and develop recommendations for best-practice policy and practice for asset ownership status and safety.