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Transport Accident Commission (TAC)

Company Info: The Transport Accident Commission’s (TAC) vision is no road death, no road injury and a future where every journey is a safe one. It works to reach the whole community to take responsibility for road safety. TAC’s main responsibility is to pay benefits to people injured in transport crashes, however, they also work closely with road safety partners to actively campaign to reduce the incidence of road trauma through injury prevention programs. TAC also works in partnership with key stakeholders to support research with two foci: to improve outcomes for clients and help reduce road trauma in Australia.

For more information:

  • PROJECT 1: Development and validation of policy tool to reduce crashes, claims and claim costs (CLOSED)

    How should the safe system approach be adapted for risk takers? The ausRAP (Australian Road Assessment Program) promotes safer road infrastructure through the use of metrics to map risk and provide star ratings. While the program has been successful in many countries, as a policy tool, assessment may be suboptimal without metric specificity. This PhD will examine how the ausRAP methodology can impact on policy for improving road infrastructure safety through real world validation of predicted safety gains on crashes and claims. The research will examine how ausRAP can be used as a policy development tool to reduce claims and claim costs.

  • PROJECT 2: Safety benefits of autonomous vehicles (CLOSED)

    While there are many claims of the benefits from autonomous vehicles, few of these are based on sound research evidence. It has also been argued that there may be negative safety implications relating to the interactions vehicle between new technologies and non-autonomous road users (e.g., vulnerable road users, and the non-autonomous fleet). This PhD will investigate the safety effects and regulatory challenges of the different levels of automation and assess the necessary steps that system operators will need to undertake to safely introduce these vehicle technologies.