Lathlean inspired after graduating from the MUARC PhD program

Dr Tim Lathlean

Dr Tim Lathlean says he is ready to translate research into practice after successfully graduating from the MUARC PhD program in December 2017.

An Accredited Exercise Physiologist (AEP), Dr Lathlean completed his thesis on the training loads, wellness and injury risk in elite junior Australian football players.

“I demonstrated evidence of a U-curve between load and injury, where an optimal range of load was determined in order to reduce injury risk,” he says.

“Wellness was identified as an important factor in any load and injury relationship.”

Dr Lathlean says he chose to study with MUARC because of its “high research profile focusing on injury prevention, particularly relating to sport.”

He was supervised by Professor Caroline Finch, MUARC Deputy Director Associate Professor Stuart Newstead and Associate Professor Paul Gastin.

While there were early challenges in developing a research question that he felt would have the most impact and feasibility, Dr Lathlean says his candidature developed into a highly-rewarding experience.

“Once key agencies were all identified and strong relationships were developed, the project management, data analysis and write-up process were highlights. MUARC provided an environment for collegiality and productivity,” he says.

“It propelled me to consider and tackle new challenges in research, clinical practice and academia.”

Dr Lathlean describes the completion of his thesis as “inspiring”.

Asked what he will remember most about his time studying with MUARC, he says: “The people – colleagues and friendships, peer-led student research conferences, writing seminars and drive to not only succeed but excel.”

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