MUARC joins European i-DREAMS project

MUARC will contribute to a new three-year European Union project that aims to set up a framework for the definition, development, testing and validation of a context-aware ‘safety tolerance zone’ for on-road driving.

The i-DREAMS project will utilise automation technology to create new opportunities for the detection and design of customised interventions to mitigate the risks, increase awareness and upgrade driver performance.

Funded by the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, the project commenced in May and features a consortium of 13 partners, international research centres and companies.

MUARC Director, Professor Judith Charlton, will be part of the project’s Expert Advisory Group, which comprises experts in the field of road safety, human factors and automation.

Phase 1 of i-DREAMS will consist of monitoring driving behaviour and the driver by using a driving simulator. The second stage will focus on intervening in real-time and post-trip.

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