PhD student Renée St Louis wins Best Paper by a New Researcher

Renee St Louis

Monash University Accident Research Centre PhD student Renée St. Louis was awarded Best Paper by a New Researcher at this year’s Australasian Road Safety Conference.

Bouncing back and maintaining mobility: the relationship between resilience and driving in the Ozcandrive study” is the first study to link the concept of psychological resilience to self-reported measures of driving-related abilities, perceptions and practices in older adults. Participants of the Ozcandrive cohort study completed a range of functional and health assessments, as well as self-reported driving questionnaires and a 14-item resilience scale. Results show that participants (N = 166; Male: 69.9%; Mean age = 81.74 years, SD = 3.38, Range = 76.00-90.00) had a mean resilience score of 78.97 (SD = 10.53, Range = 52.00-98.00), indicating a moderate level of resilience. Participants with higher resilience scores reported more comfort driving during both the daytime and night-time, more positive perceptions of their driving abilities, and more frequent driving during challenging situations.

Future research will investigate for the first time whether resilience scores of older adults change over time, and if they do, whether these changes are associated with major life and health-related events, as well as driving patterns and behaviour.