Vale Professor Ross Day

I am writing to pass on the sad news of the death of Professor Ross Day who was the Foundation Chair of the Department of Psychology, from 1965 to 1992. He established a strong experimental Psychology Department in the Science Faculty. In addition, Professor Day was instrumental in the development of the Accident Research Centre with Professor Peter Vulcan and went on to chair MUARC’s Management Committee from 1987 until his retirement in 1992.

Professor Day will be remembered not only for his ground-breaking and international research in visual perception but for his strong support of MUARC in the early days. Professor Day strongly believed in Psychology as a science, a message he constantly pushed within the Department and especially among his numerous undergraduate and graduate students

He helped set the directions and priorities of the Centre by adopting a scientific approach to our work and the importance of safety and injury prevention. We owe much to Professor Day for the success of MUARC in helping to set its research rigor and its international reputation. As a graduate of the Monash Psychology department, I will be forever grateful for his role as associate supervisor of my PhD and for his witty and thoughtful assistance he brought to my studies.

Professor Brian Fildes