Leadership Program - Faculty

Our Road Safety Management Leadership Program facilitation team

Jude Charlton

Professor Judith Charlton

Professor Judith Charlton is Director of the Monash University Accident Research Centre (MUARC). Judith is a behavioural scientist with expertise in ageing, cognition, developmental psychology and movement science. Judith leads the Behavioural Safety Science research theme. Her team is recognised as the leading research group in Australia on the safety of older and impaired drivers, pedestrian and cyclists, and child passenger safety. The team’s research has been influential in shaping policy and practice in the management of safe mobility of vulnerable road users in Australia and internationally. Judith manages several international collaborations including the Ozcandrive older driver cohort study conducted in collaboration with the Canadian-led project, Candrive. Ozcandrive is the first longitudinal study to monitor real-world driving and health of older Australians.

Carol Gill

Dr Carol Gill

Dr Carol Gill is an organisational psychologist and faculty member at Melbourne Business School. She has specialised in the fields of executive learning and development, human resource management and organisational development for more than 25 years in private, public and not for profit sectors. Carol will share her knowledge of leadership and facilitate the group’s application of this knowledge to Road Safety Management. More information on Carol’s work is available from http://works.bepress.com/carol_gill/.

Eric Howard

Mr Eric Howard, AM

Eric Howard is the Principal of Whiting Moyne, a Strategic Road Safety Advisory Consultancy operating internationally since 2006, when he completed 7 years as General Manager Road Safety with VicRoads. He chaired the OECD/ITF Working Group which published the landmark “Towards Zero” Road Safety Report in 2008 and has led and co-authored road safety management capacity reviews, facilitated road safety strategy development, drafted road safety strategies, and provided road safety advice in more than 30 low, middle and high income countries. International clients have included the World Bank; Asian Development Bank, World Road Association (PIARC); Global Road Safety Partnership (GRSP); and the UN Economic Commission for Europe. He has chaired a number of government task forces on road safety issues within Australia and presents widely on road safety matters.

Ian Johnston

Dr Ian Johnston, AM

Dr Ian Johnston has worked in the safety field (especially transport safety) since 1966 and his experience spans all modes. He has been a researcher, policy analyst, program administrator, senior executive and non-executive board member across a range of transport modes and settings - with the Australian and Victorian governments, with a national R&D company and in academia. He has a special interest in how societies, governments and organisations think about and manage safety and in the translation of research results into policy and practice. He was Director of MUARC from 2001-2006 and an Adjunct Professor to the end of 2016. Ian is the independent chair of the National Road Safety Partnership Program and of the Victorian injury data working group and is the independent expert on the Tasmanian Road Safety Council. In addition, he served for six years as a non-executive Director (Deputy Chair) on the Board of the National Transport Commission, was a member of Australia’s inaugural National Road Safety Council for the three years of its existence, served as a non-executive Director on the Board of the Driver Education Centre of Australia Ltd for many years, and is an adviser to the Independent Council on Road Safety International.

Narelle Hayes

Ms Narelle Hayes

Narelle Hayes is a Senior Event Coordinator at MUARC. She has worked primarily on MUARC’s Road Safety Management Leadership Program since 2014, as well as organising international delegations and has recently been involved in online marketing and communications. Narelle started at MUARC in 1996 and has worked in a variety of roles, including coordinating major projects on farm injuries and falls prevention. Her road safety experience extends to pedestrian safety, “hoon” behaviour, drink driving and laser speed projects.

Rob Klein

Mr Rob Klein

Rob Klein is the Team Leader of the ADB/ASEAN Capacity Building project, working with Government officers from ten ASEAN counties which includes redevelopment of the ASEAN Region Road Safety Strategy. In recent years, Rob has worked on ADB projects in China, India and Vietnam. Prior to these roles Rob was Regional Director for GRSP where he contributed to the development of the UN Good Practice Guides and led implementation of the guides in ASEAN countries. Prior to joining GRSP, Rob had been a practitioner and manager in the road safety field for VicRoads and ARRB Transport Research for over twenty years. He has extensive management experience, having been responsible in the State of Victoria for managing the teams leading vehicle roadworthiness programs, road safety education and community road safety programs. He has in-depth knowledge of public education through both community and media delivery.

Lesley Rees

Ms Lesley Rees

Lesley Rees is the Operations Coordinator at MUARC and is also responsible for Centre’s premier event, the Road Safety Management Leadership Program. Lesley brings to the program finely tuned logistical and event management skills gained from 15 years in the marketing and advertising industries. Lesley has led the arrangements for the program since its inception in 2012, and co-ordinates the branding, academic content and expertly hosts the requirements of domestic and international participants over the five-day program.

The Monash University Accident Research Centre team

Professor Max Cameron

Professor Max Cameron

Professor Max Cameron is a part-time Professor (Research) at MUARC where he has worked since 1990. He is also Director of Camcomp, a private consultancy he established in 1996. He holds B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in statistics and a PhD. for his thesis on methods of evaluation of road trauma countermeasures. Max has worked in the road safety field in Australia since 1965, with extensive experience in road safety research and its management, and in road safety policy formulation and strategic planning. He has special skills in road crash data analysis and countermeasure evaluation in the behavioural, vehicle and road environment safety areas. His research interests have included optimum speeds, evaluations of speed enforcement, random breath testing and mass media publicity, and economic analysis of these road safety measures. In recent years, Max has developed comprehensive speed enforcement strategies for Western Australia and Queensland, and a drink and drug driving enforcement strategy for Western Australia.

Brian Fildes

Professor Brian Fildes

Professor Brian Fildes was one of the founding researchers of MUARC in 1987. He was the Foundation Director of MUARC Europe at the Monash University Centre in Prato, Italy and is a Visiting Professor at the Transport Safety Research Centre at Loughborough University in the UK. He has over 30 years’ experience in road safety research and has been instrumental in helping government agencies implement a number of new injury prevention countermeasures and programs as well as evaluating crash performance for the automotive industry. Brian is the immediate Past President of the Association for the Advancement of Automotive Medicine in the USA, has an extensive publication record, is on several editorial panels for a number of international scientific journals, and has supervised over 15 Masters and PhD graduate students.

Michael Fitzharris

Associate Professor Michael Fitzharris

Associate Professor Michael Fitzharris is Associate Director of MUARC’s Regulation and In-Depth Crash Investigation team and works within the Centre’s Injury Outcomes Research Unit. From 2008 – 2010, he was the Foundation Director of the Accident Research Centre at Monash University South Africa, Johannesburg where he was responsible for the development of research and capacity building programmes in the areas of road safety, acute care and trauma. He has established various collaborative partnerships internationally and has extensive experience in conducting research for government and industry in the areas of technology evaluation and vehicle design. Michael is the Chief Investigator of the TAC-funded Enhanced Crash Investigation Study (ECIS), which is a large scale program examining serious injury crashes. From 2010-2016 he conducted a large scale evaluation of the TAC 2015 Strategy, which focussed on claims activity of the TAC. Michael also has an active research program in motorcycle safety, the role of alcohol and drugs in road crashes, and continues to have a strong interest in capacity building programs in LMIC.

David Logan

Dr David Logan

Dr David Logan is a Senior Research Fellow at MUARC. With a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, he has several years consulting experience in vehicle safety, vibration analysis and acoustics and noise control. Joining MUARC in 2001, David’s current fields of research are road safety strategy modelling and implementation and the effectiveness of advanced driver assistance technologies, including semi-and fully autonomous vehicles. He managed MUARC’s multidisciplinary real-world crash investigation team for nine years and currently leads the ongoing development of the eMETS road safety strategy model. David also conducts investigations of passenger vehicle and heavy vehicle incidents to understand vehicle performance and crash contributing factors in a Safe System context.

Carlyn Muir

Dr Caryln Muir

Dr Carlyn Muir is a Senior Research Fellow at MUARC. With qualifications in psychology and public health, she has a particular interest in safety governance and culture across a diverse range of injury prevention topics. She has experience in research, policy and evaluation in road safety and occupational safety, both nationally and internationally. Carlyn has managed a number of large scale road safety projects, with a focus on the management of injury among high risk groups (for example, first responders and work-related drivers). These projects involve the application of psychological and health theory to understand and influence behaviour within complex systems. Carlyn also co-ordinates MUARC’s activities as a World Health Organisation Collaborating Centre for Violence and Injury Prevention, which focuses on research, advocacy and capacity building in the Western Pacific Region.

Sharon Newnam

Associate Professor Sharon Newnam

Associate Professor Sharon Newnam is an organisational psychologist with MUARC and has conducted theoretical and applied research in workplace road safety for the past 12 years. Her research focuses on understanding the factors influencing safety performance in the workplace, from the individual characteristics of workers to the safety practices of management and beyond. Sharon has made significant contributions at the industry and government levels. She has developed two world-first workplace road safety training programs designed to reduce injury and fatalities in the workplace. As well as having her work published widely, Sharon is an Associate Editor on the widely-known safety related journal, Safety Science. Sharon was invited by the Transportation Research Board (TRB) to be an international member of the Standing Committee on Truck and Bus Safety (ANB70). TRB is one of seven program units of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. She is also Chair of the Carrier Safety Management Subcommittee of the Standing Committee on Truck and Bus Safety.

Stuart Newstead

Associate Professor Stuart Newstead

Associate Professor Stuart Newstead is an Accredited Statistician, Deputy Director of MUARC and leads the Centre’s Injury Analysis and Data team. He has over 20 years’ experience in analytical based road safety research with specific focus on road safety data systems, program evaluation, police enforcement programs and vehicle safety analysis. Stuart will share his knowledge on how data driven evidence can be used to best support road safety leadership and policy development.

Jennie Oxley

Associate Professor Jennie Oxley

Dr Jennie Oxley is the Associate Director, Graduate Research with the Monash University Accident Research Centre. She was previously the Director of the MUARC – Malaysia office based at the Monash University Malaysia campus in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Dr Oxley is a behavioural scientist and has over 20 years of experience addressing the safe mobility of vulnerable road users globally and has a keen interest in identifying key risk factors for traffic injury as well as examining the effectiveness of behavioural and technological interventions. Dr Oxley has established international recognition for her contributions to research on safe active transport modes especially amongst vulnerable populations.

Our global road safety experts

Bernard Carlon

Mr Bernard Carlon

Bernard Carlon was appointed as the Executive Director, Centre for Road Safety in Transport for NSW in May 2015. Since 2012 he has been responsible for the development and delivery of NSW road safety policy and the NSW Road Safety Strategy. The Centre for Maritime Safety was recently added to Bernard's responsibilities. He is a board member of ANCAP and a member of the Austroads National Road Safety Taskforce. Bernard has worked in Government and non-government organisations across a range of portfolios including Health, Justice, Environment and now Transport.

Bruce Corben

Dr Bruce Corben

Dr Bruce Corben has 20 years’ experience as a road safety practitioner in the road and was a research academic at MUARC between 1993 and 2013. His research interests included improving the safety of pedestrians, motorcyclists, roadsides and intersections, through infrastructure design and speed management, as well as strategy development and target-setting. A strong research theme involves innovative solutions based on world’s best practice. Bruce’s work has found practical application at national and state levels, in Australasia, as well as internationally, to guide best-practice infrastructure investment and develop high-impact road safety strategies. After 20 years as a transport safety academic, Bruce established Corben Consulting with the aim of taking road safety practice to ambitious new levels.

Wayne Moon

Mr Wayne Moon

Wayne Moon is a specialist in road safety at VicRoads and is heavily involved with leading Safe System. He works in the Safe System Infrastructure Program (SSRIP) and is responsible for Safe System Strategy and Alignment. He has previously worked in various ‘coal face’ roles including traffic management, speed, project planning, design and project delivery and uses a wide range of these experiences to guide and embed Safe System into the business. The challenge and objective is to operationalise Safe System to a point where it becomes normal. He has also been involved with various innovative projects and in addition to his own creative thinking is able to draw on networks and research to make better and safer ideas hit the road. Wayne is also heavily involved with the long term strategic planning to achieve a safe system for road transportation in Victoria. This exciting work relates to how zero can be achieved by 2050.

Jeremy Woolley

Associate Professor Jeremy Woolley

Associate Professor Jeremy Woolley is the Director of the Centre for Automotive Safety Research (CASR) at the University of Adelaide. He has 20 years’ experience in road safety research covering a diverse range of areas including speed management, traffic management, road design, road user behaviour, crash investigation, data systems, enforcement and countermeasure evaluation. He is actively engaged in knowledge transfer activities with road safety stakeholders including local and state government agencies and has been involved with the development and review of several state and national road safety strategies. He has also spent some time as the manager of Safer People in the South Australian road authority where he contributed to the development of the SA Road Safety Strategy 2020: Towards Zero together. Jeremy is an active participant in many state and national projects seeking to translate road safety research into practice and has a focus on the development of tools to assist practitioners make informed decisions on safety. He will share his expertise on road infrastructure, speed management and integrating road safety into organisations.