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Queensland Police Service defends covert speed cameras, citing MUARC findings


25 January 2018

Queensland Police Service (QPS) has reaffirmed its belief in covert speed cameras by referring to the findings of evaluations conducted by MUARC.

Amid union pressure to scrap the “sneaky” cameras, QPS Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating issued a statement asserting that, “QPS has no plan to phase out the use of unmarked speed cameras.”

The statement cited a 2017 MUARC evaluation of the Queensland Camera Detected Offence Program (CDOP), which includes covert and overt mobile speed cameras.  

The study, conducted by Associate Professor Stuart Newstead, Professor Max Cameron and Laurie Budd, found that CDOP was associated with a 30% reduction in police-reported casualty crashes in 2013, followed by a 27% reduction in 2014 and 24% in 2015.

The report also found that 98% of casualty crash savings associated with CDOP were attributed to the mobile speed camera program.

Queensland’s mobile speed camera program has undergone numerous evaluations by MUARC since its introduction in 1997. Covert speed cameras became part of the program in 2010.  

QPS’ full statement can be read here.