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We recognise the importance of academic publishing across the spectrum of publication types. Publication in the peer-reviewed literature ensures our research meets rigorous academic standards and means it is readily available to the field. Books and book chapters provide mechanisms for dissemination of substantial pieces of scholarly work, which may influence the field for some time in the future.

Our researchers produce reports on a broad range of topics across the spectrum of injury prevention from young driver safety to safety in the home and workplace. In addition, they contribute to Parliamentary Inquiries and produce independent reports, as well as contract reports prepared for many organisations.

Project reports and injury surveillance bulletins provide direct and, importantly, rapid feedback on our research and surveillance activities to injury prevention policy makers and practitioners. The timeliness of such publications is often crucial for impacting on policy development and resource allocation.

If you are unable to find a paper on our website, please visit the university-wide research website, which includes all the peer reviewed journals and conference papers from our researchers.

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Publication No. Author(s) Title Date
N/A O’Hern, S., Stephan, K., Qiu, J., Oxley, J. A simulator study of driving behavior and mental workload in mixed-use arterial road environments Jul 2019
N/A Clapperton, A.J. Identifying typologies among persons admitted to hospital for non-fatal intentional self-harm in Victoria, Australia Jul 2019
N/A Stephens, A.N. et al. Self-reported aggression amongst active cyclists Jul 2019
N/A McIntosh, A.S. et al. An assessment of the utility and functionality of wearable head impact sensors in Australian Football Jul 2019
N/A Brown, J., Elkington, J., Hall, A., Keay, L., Charlton, J. L., Hunter, K., Koppel, S. et al. Can child restraint product information developed using consumer testing sustain correct use 6 months after child restraint purchase? Study protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial Jun 2019
N/A Koppel, S. et al. Seating configuration and position preferences in fully automated vehicles Jun 2019
N/A Fernando, D.T., Berecki-Gisolf, J., Newstead, S., Ansari, Z. Effect of comorbidity on injury outcomes: a review of existing indices Jun 2019
N/A Aburumman, M., Newnam, S., Fildes, B. Evaluating the effectiveness of workplace interventions in improving safety culture: A systematic review Jun 2019
N/A Parkinson, D. Investigating the Increase in Domestic Violence Post Disaster: An Australian Case Study Jun 2019
N/A Wong, D. F., Spencer, C., Boyd, L., Burkle, F. M., Archer, F. Peer-Reviewed Validation of a Comprehensive Framework for Disaster Evaluation Typologies Jun 2019
N/A Fernando, D.T., Berecki-Gisolf, J., Newstead, S., Ansari, Z. Complications, burden and in-hospital death among hospital treated injury patients in Victoria, Australia: a data linkage study Jun 2019
N/A Ang, B. H., Oxley, J. et al. Factors and challenges of driving reduction and cessation: A systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative studies on self-regulation Jun 2019