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We recognise the importance of academic publishing across the spectrum of publication types. Publication in the peer-reviewed literature ensures our research meets rigorous academic standards and means it is readily available to the field. Books and book chapters provide mechanisms for dissemination of substantial pieces of scholarly work, which may influence the field for some time in the future.

Our researchers produce reports on a broad range of topics across the spectrum of injury prevention from young driver safety to safety in the home and workplace. In addition, they contribute to Parliamentary Inquiries and produce independent reports, as well as contract reports prepared for many organisations.

Project reports and injury surveillance bulletins provide direct and, importantly, rapid feedback on our research and surveillance activities to injury prevention policy makers and practitioners. The timeliness of such publications is often crucial for impacting on policy development and resource allocation.

If you are unable to find a paper on our website, please visit the university-wide research website, which includes all the peer reviewed journals and conference papers from our researchers.

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Publication No. Author(s) Title Date Type
N/A Muir, C., Newnam, S., Newstead, S., Boustras, G. Challenges for safety intervention in emergency vehicle fleets: A case study Mar 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Fernando, D.T., Berecki-Gisolf, J., Newstead, S., Ansari, Z The Australian Injury Comorbidity Index to predict mortality Mar 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Meuleners, L. B., Fraser, M., Johnson, M., Stevenson, M., Rose, G. & Oxley, J. Characteristics of the road infrastructure and injurious cyclist crashes resulting in a hospitalisation Mar 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Young, K.L., Stephens, A.N., O'Hern, S and Koppel, S. Australian cyclists’ engagement in secondary tasks Mar 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Schnittker, R. et al. Patient and surgery factors associated with the incidence of failed and difficult intubation Mar 2020 Redirect Page
N/A McDonald, H., Berecki-Gisolf, J., Stephan, K., Newstead, S. Preventing road crashes: Do infringements for traffic offences have a deterrent effect amongst drivers aged 40+? An examination of administrative data from Victoria, Australia Feb 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Muir, C., Prang, K.H., Sheppard, D., Newnam, S. Occupational injuries among police workers: patterns and contributing factors in an Australian jurisdiction Feb 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Chen, Y.T., Gélinas, I., Mazer, B., Myers, A., Vrkljan, B., Koppel, S., Charlton, J.L. & Marshall, S.C. Personal and clinical factors associated with older drivers' self-awareness of driving performance Feb 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Lam, T., Kuhn, L., Hayman, J. et al. Recent trends in heroin and pharmaceutical opioid‐related harms in Victoria, Australia up to 2018 Feb 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Mulhall, M. D., Cori, J., Sletten, T. L., Kuo, J., Lenné, M. G. et al. A pre-drive ocular assessment predicts alertness and driving impairment: A naturalistic driving study in shift workers Feb 2020 Redirect Page
N/A Xia, T., Iles, R., Newnam, S. et al. Patterns of health service use following work‐related injury and illness in Australian truck drivers: A latent class analysis Feb 2020 Redirect Page
339 Newstead, S., Budd, L., Stephens, A. The Potential Benefits of Autonomous Emergency Braking Systems in Australia - Report 339 Jan 2020 PDF File