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Independent advice to support policy and practice

Since the 1980s, our ability to work hand in hand with public bodies to achieve results based on academic excellence has set us apart from other research institutions.

In that time we have worked alongside many of Australia's peak safety authorities and regulators, completing applied research, consultancy and training contracts, and providing independent advice to government to support policy and practice.

These partnerships extend across all levels of government, from local councils ­- where we have helped guide speed limit laws, evaluate road networks, and design community safety interventions - through to the Federal Government, whom we have supported in a number of major safety initiatives.

Within our home state of Victoria we have developed a close working relationship with the Department of Health and Human Services which includes developing the state injury prevention strategy and funding VISU, several falls prevention projects, a five-year academic chair in injury  prevention and an NMHRC Health Partnership grant.

We also work with Victorian health and injury prevention leaders, including the Victorian WorkCover Authority, the Department of Sport and Recreation.

This includes the key authorities responsible for road safety, namely, VicRoads, the Transport Accident Commission (TAC), the Department of Justice and Regulation and Victoria Police.

These relationships have enhanced our ability to translate research into tangible policy and road safety practice, placing Victoria at the forefront of road safety research and practice.

This sentiment has been echoed by former Victorian Premier John Brumby, who described our long standing partnership as "a key contributor in positioning our state as a world leader in injury prevention, particularly in the areas of road safety, workplace safety and community safety".

A life saving partnership

MUARC and the Transport Accident Commission have established a unique partnership over the past 20 years. Our researchers have supported and led several key road safety projects, including evaluation of TAC road safety television  advertising and evaluation of the TAC SafeCar project - investigating the potential road safety benefits of in-vehicle Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS).

Many initiatives on speed, drink-driving and vehicle safety delivered in the successful arrive alive! road safety strategy are directly linked to our research in the area of road safety.

In celebrating our first 20 years of action, David Healy, Senior Road Safety Manager for the TAC said our research had " been responsible for providing the TAC with expert guidance on a range of policy and program directions..." and that our experts had "helped guide program investments in advertising  and marketing, technology development and developing cost effective ways in which funds can be invested to help save lives on Victoria's roads".

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