International Partnerships

Our Global Reach

MUARC was founded at Monash University's Clayton campus in Melbourne, Australia.

Thirty years later, our researchers work across the globe, with experience in Europe, South Africa and South East Asia. We have collaborative research partnerships across the globe.

This global experience allows our researchers to engage with the world's leading injury prevention scientists, whether they be working in the public sector or private industry.

It also helps to promote our own expertise and success on the world stage.

Much of our work is being done in developing countries.

More than 90 per cent of all injury deaths, and 98 per cent of child deaths, occur in developing countries.

Our researchers are currently completing essential groundwork across several areas and fostering relationships with in-country partners, government agencies and non-government organisations.

They are also expanding existing relationships with international agencies such as the World Health Organisation, UNICEF and the World Bank.

Internationally, MUARC has research projects examining the incidence of road crashes and rollover crashes in particular, in Namibia and Road Safety Capacity Development in South Africa. Through our work in Africa, we are promoting the UN Decade of Action for  Road Safety 2011-2020. The research group has a strong collaborative links with a number of research groups in Australia, as well as in the US, the UK and a number of countries in Africa.

We have agreements in place with a number of safety research centres in Europe, including groups based in the UK, Sweden, Italy, France and The Netherlands.

Led by Professor Brian Fildes, our team has begun several key projects including:

  • a preliminary study with the Swedish Transport Authority to improve vehicle braking
  • reporting to the FIA in Europe on new safety features in racing vehicles
  • working with the Laboratory of Accidentiology and Biomechanics in France
  • establishing a multi-national database study evaluating the benefits of vehicle safety technology.