Regional engagement

Monash is Australia's most international research-intensive university. Monash University Accident Research Centre has been able to use this global perspective and presence to take the injury prevention lessons we have learned in Australia to the world.

We have made strong advancements in developing transport safety and injury prevention research in the Asian region. Through engaging with Malaysia and other regional groups, and attracting high calibre post-graduate students, we are building significant capacity in the region to improve the identification, management and prevention of transport (and other injury) related mortality and morbidity.

To date, our efforts have been supported by the Malaysian government, at a state and national level, and we are working collaboratively with other Malaysian universities and organisations on a range of projects addressing key areas of transport safety and injury prevention including motorcycle safety, workplace safety, keeping children safe in vehicles, training on statistical techniques, safety of sports grounds and an international study of the built environment, physical activity and obesity.

Investigating child pedestrian collisions

Pedestrian trauma makes up around 15 per cent of all road fatalities in Malaysia, and in 2007 alone more than 3000 people were involved in a police-reported pedestrian crash. Sadly, children as pedestrians are an extremely vulnerable road user group, a fact recognised by the Malaysian government's decision to introduce nation-wide school-based educational programs designed specifically to teach children about how to behave in traffic.

MUARC researchers are conducting a population-based case-control study to identify the risk factors for pedestrian crash and injury risk among Malaysian children. Our findings will provide the evidence base needed to guide improved and innovative countermeasures to reduce the tragic, personal, and steep financial, costs of child pedestrian crashes.