About the Compendium

MUDRI/EMV Compendium of Case Studies

Victorian Community-based Resilience Building Activities


Emergency Management Victoria (EMV) and the Monash University Disaster Resilience Initiative (MUDRI) share a strong interest in helping communities develop their resilience, particularly in the setting of disasters / emergencies / unexpected events. As a result the creation of this Compendium of case studies reflects Victorian Community-based Resilience Building Activities, which represents an Australian first. People interested in strengthening the resilience of their communities can draw on the examples and expertise embedded within each project. The creators of each project are keen to share their ideas, how they overcame challenges, discovered new directions or found that unexpected piece of wisdom.

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  • Connect people across communities
  • Reduce program duplication
  • Save valuable resources
  • Access to Compendium of Community-based Resilience Building Activities

EMV Role

‘Leading emergency management in Victoria by working with communities, government, agencies and business to strengthen their capacity to withstand, plan for, respond to and recover from emergencies’.

Vision, Goal, Role and Values of Emergency Management in Victoria

Emergency Management Victoria supports a sector-wide approach to achieve joined up outcomes that are community-focused. It is only by agencies, departments, industry, business, all levels of government and community working together that we will fully realise a sustainable and efficient emergency management system that reduces the likelihood, effect and consequences of emergencies.