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What was the initiative and what impact did it achieve?
Setting – where is the project being conducted? Initiating factor(s) / needs – what observations inspired the project to start? Objectives – what is the desired vision? What did you want to achieve? Target beneficiaries – who will benefit from this project?
Inputs/Implementation - what did you do and how did you go about it? What resources did you have access to? Progress / Status – what achievements have you made towards objectives? Is the project completed or in-progress?
Outputs – what was produced as a result of this project? Impact/Change/Benefits – what were the Impacts/changes/benefits for the target beneficiaries? Include both positive and negative results, and any evidence of impact? What are the next steps? - are any follow-on initiatives planned?
Awards etc.
What may have been unique about your project / Good practice? Critical Factors for Success - what were the critical factors which led to the success of your project? Challenges faced and solutions - how did you solve the challenges? What could have been done better? – based on any evaluation studies; Sustainability and potential for replication in other settings
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