Dr. Suzanne Cross

Dr. Suzanne Cross

Email: Suzanne.cross@monash.edu


Dr Suzanne Lee Cross is a Researcher at Monash University Accident Research Centre and Monash University Disaster Resilience Initiative (MUDRI).  Suzanne has a background in Psychology, Health Science and Health Promotion and a PhD in Behavioural Science.  Her PhD studies explored the role of behaviour in child occupant protection.  Suzanne continues to conduct research in child occupant safety.  In addition, her behavioural science research also includes literature reviews on holistic return to work models for numerous cohorts.

She also provides assistance to the MUDRI team.  Contributions include ongoing support for the online Compendium of Victorian Community-based Disaster Resilience-Building Case Studies and the analysis and reporting of findings from a recent pilot study relating to bushfire message awareness and influences on behaviour. Suzanne’s qualifications in psychology and health promotion place a keen interest on exploring, developing and communicating initiatives that support the well-being and safety of community members, including resilience strengthening activities following the event of a disaster.


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