Dr Dianne Sheppard

Dianne is currently working as a senior research fellow at MUARC on a variety of projects that facilitate social and work-related rehabilitation from injury or post-disease diagnosis. Her current research interests focus on the early identification of barriers to recovery for those with injuries or disease, and working with those individuals in a tailored fashion to facilitate their return to health, work and wellness. She am particularly interested in the potential that evidence-based screening has to make a difference to the field of disability prevention. With accurate and targeted screening, we can identify those at risk of prolonged disability and tailor interventions to the individual to help to prevent secondary psychosocial issues and comorbidities.

Dianne is currently accepting Graduate Research students

Research Areas of Interest

Cancer survivorship, injury management, rehabilitation, return to work, health benefits of work (HBOW), vocational rehabilitation, health, quality of life and work outcomes

Available Graduate Research Projects