Hafez Alavi

Hafez Alavi

Hafez Alavi

What made you want to study with MUARC?

MUARC provided cutting edge road safety research opportunities and capable research/supervision staff. The history of the centre was also associated with some of the best road safety research works in ANZ.

How was your experience studying with MUARC, and would you recommend it to prospective PhD candidates?

I had a great time at MUARC and met some of the best minds in the field there. I was given opportunities to present my research at various forums, and the supervisory group were helpful and on the ball. Frankly, while almost all my friends had issues with their PhD supervisors, I had a really productive and positive relationship with my supervisors. There were also some cool PhD-mates around to bounce ideas off and have fun times with.

I strongly recommend MUARC, especially if you want to excel in the field of road safety research.

Can you please tell us a bit about what your thesis was about and what you found?

I studied factors that contribute to pedestrian crashes and injury severity in concentrated urban environments. I developed frameworks and models to study pedestrian exposure, crash risk and injury severity. The findings of my research help develop concentrated urban environments that are hopefully free from pedestrian fatal and serious injuries.

How do you think you’ll remember your time studying with MUARC?

A period in my life that broadened my road safety perspectives, equipped me with the knowledge and know-how to be a critical road safety thinker, and saw to me build long-standing friendships and networks.

Can you please tell us about where your career has taken you post-graduation?

I joined the Transport Accident Commission after my time at MUARC as a Senior Data Analyst. I was later promoted to Senior Transport Safety Planner and, in 2018, got the position of Director Safe System Road Infrastructure Program.

How have your studies with MUARC helped you in your career?

My studies with MUARC have equipped me with an in-depth understanding or road safety and injury prevention theories and practices, especially for vulnerable road users. I draw on this on a regular basis. I also learnt how to survive high work pressure and tight time frames, and manage a healthy life-work balance. I was also able to network and know a great number of people within academia and industry, which has helped me since.