Margaret Joyce Trotter

Margaret Joyce Trotter

Margaret Joyce Trotter

What made you want to study with MUARC?

I was already working there.

How was your experience studying with MUARC, and would you recommend it to prospective PhD candidates?

It was good. The group of students and staff that I was with was really inspiring.

Can you please tell us a bit about what your thesis was about and what you found?

I looked at improvisation in safety critical situations in led outdoor activities. I found that improvisation had positive impacts on safety when it was appropriate and effective and could be considered an emergent property of the led outdoor activity system. As such, a network of factors from all systems levels needed to be addressed to enhance effective resilience.

How do you think you’ll remember your time studying with MUARC?

Great times. Melbourne is a wonderful city.

Can you please tell us about where your career has taken you post-graduation?

I'm a senior researcher in behaviour science for a large international infrastructure company

How have your studies with MUARC helped you in your career?

A PhD in human factors is directly related to the work I do.