Tharanga (Tara) Fernando

Tharanga (Tara) Fernando

Tharanga (Tara) Fernando

Why did you choose to study at MUARC?

I found from work experience that the research at MUARC was "sound and respected" and the people at MUARC were very supportive and encouraging. Meant I could do high quality work in an empowering environment.

What was your thesis topic?

The Effect of Comorbidity on Injury Outcomes – Developing and Validating an ICD-10 Based Injury Comorbidity Index

What was your favourite thing about studying at MUARC?

Many! Flexibility, support, professional training offered, opportunities to liaise with industry partners and the stage to showcase our work.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about studying at MUARC?

Go for it! Never thought I would enjoy doing a PhD!