Revathi N. Krishna

Revathi N. Krishna

Revathi N. Krishna

  • Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
  • Research Area: Home and Community

Why did you choose to study at MUARC?

MUARC is an interdisciplinary team, working on such varied topics. So, when I first visited MUARC in 2013 as a research fellow, I loved being part of MUARC and of course my mentor. So, I chose to come back to do my PhD - my mentor then is my supervisor now.

What is your thesis topic?

I am working on co-developing a disaster resilience education programme with children and communities experiencing poverty in Chennai, India.

What is your favourite thing about studying at MUARC?

Diversity - people, projects, disciplines, friends & fun things to do. Plus, living in Melbourne.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about studying at MUARC?

MUARC is a fun place to study at. Lots of different research happens - whether you are interested in disasters or road safety for any age, you will have company. Not only that, we do lots of fun activities - table tennis, birthday celebrations and what not. So, be ready to work and play!

What do you hope to do after graduation?

I hope to continue my work in Global Mental Health - do research in humanitarian settings and make as much difference as possible in vulnerable people's lives. Hopefully, this will also help me travel the world.