Suresh Pokharel

Suresh Pokharel

Suresh Pokharel

Why did you choose to study at MUDRI @ MUARC?

I was referred by one of my colleagues working in disaster risk management, and importantly he explained the flexibility of doing part-time research in the field, where I was professionally engaged for many years.

What is your thesis topic?

‘Urbanisation, risk and vulnerability: Progress, challenges and opportunities in resilience building’

What is your favourite thing about studying at MUDRI @ MUARC?

There is enough flexibility for you, in both choosing the topics of your interest as well as planning and progressing your research. The guidance you get from your supervisors and support from department and staff members is great.

What advice do you have for anyone thinking about studying at MUDRI @ MUARC?

You are making a right choice by choosing MUDRI/MUARC. The best place you can satisfy your research interests and needs.

What do you hope to do after graduation?

Work in the field of City Resilience Planning.