Work sustainability for breast cancer survivors undergoing a return to work support multimodal intervention

The health benefits of work are well established. Work-related needs of cancer survivors are a research priority: returning to work and sustaining ‘good’ work are markers of social recovery and quality of life. Aligned with the ‘cancer and work’ systems framework, this multi-modal, tailored Return-to-Work-Support Intervention will identify and modify the impact of biopsychosocial and workplace factors that could hinder transitioning to good work and returning to wellness. The project will examine the longer-term benefits of incorporating a holistic biopsychosocial assessment and health coaching program into work rehabilitation support services for breast cancer survivors.  It will require the collection and analysis of both quantitative and qualitative outcome data to evaluate the extent to which the tailored, multi-modal innovation is effective in facilitating sustained employment for breast cancer survivors. It brings together the insurance, occupational and cancer support sectors to implement and evaluate an intervention that has the capacity to benefit breast cancer survivors, their families and workplaces across Australia.

This thesis would be supervised by Dr Dianne Sheppard and A/Prof Georgia Halkett.

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