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MUMA Contemporaries is for art lovers who are passionate about contemporary art and wish to support MUMA’s activities directly in the creation of new work and in encouraging meaningful connectivity between art and audiences through our programs.

We believe art inspires. It is a catalyst for change; for seeing new perspectives, feeling differently and finding creative solutions. We look forward to you joining our community of like-minded donors on the creative journey at MUMA. — Charlotte Day, Director, MUMA

As a MUMA Contemporary you will have the opportunity to meet and hear from artists and curators first hand, be the first to know about our upcoming exhibitions and programs, and receive invitations to exclusive VIP previews and special events. Most importantly, you will share in the enjoyment and satisfaction of supporting living artists to realise their creative ambitions and MUMA in its leading role as a safe space for taking risks and challenging ideas.

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MUMA Contemporaries:

MUMA Patron:
Professor Wendy Brown
David Clouston and Michael Schwarz
Professor Shane Murray
Stephen & Keryn Nossal

MUMA Circle:
Sarah Kemp and Kris te Lintelo

MUMA Friend:
P.J. Jopling AM QC and Sam Mandeng
Ruth Bain
Sandra Beanham
Fiona Brokhoff
Mike Kendall
Andrew Landrigan
Galvin O’Meara Family
Maudie Palmer AO
Bruce Parncutt AO
Bernard Shafer
Rachel Solomon
Irene Sutton
Kerrie Warren