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Roundtable: Alternative Education


Saturday 11 May 2013, 2.00 - 4.00pm
Monash University Museum of Art
FREE /// Bookings required

An institution within an institution within an institution, A Centre for Everything convene a discussion about alternative education at MUMA as part of Direct Democracy. The trend of establishing creative, small-scale, non-accredited systems of teaching and learning is not new, but has found a strong following in Melbourne in recent years. Join some of the main players in Melbourne’s ‘altucation’ scene: Melbourne Free University, Laneway Learning, Small Giants (responsible for bringing School of Life to Melbourne), and Homehouse for a roundtable discussion. Beyond finding out more about these individuals and organisations, the aim of the day will be to collectively envision a new institution.

A Centre for Everything (Gabrielle de Vietri & Will Foster) is a collaborative project established in 2012. Open to anyone who wishes to participate, the project takes form as a series of regular events modelled on a Venn diagram of disparate interests that manifest as workshops, discussions, activities, and meals.

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