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Saturdays 27 April, 25 May and 22 June, 2.00 - 4.00pm
Monash University Museum of Art
FREE /// bookings required

For Direct Democracy, DAMP invites the audience to collaborate on a large scale drawing using their monumental grey lead pencil sculpture; Untitled Pencil 2010. Facilitated by DAMP this event is free to attend, family friendly and open to all. Working in pairs or larger groups participants will create an ongoing grand drawing; an imaginative space of desire, fun and struggle.

DAMP (Narelle Desmond, Sharon Goodwin, Deb Kunda & James Lynch) was established in Melbourne in 1995. Originally formed as a drawing workshop at the Victorian College of the Arts, DAMP has maintained a fluid membership over the years with an alumnus numbering over seventy. DAMP’s performances, actions and installations explore the potential of working collaboratively. Many invite audience participation and this often involves either temporary inclusion within the collective or its diffusion into the audience, deliberately confusing the two. DAMP does not have a particular identity beyond being simply a group, and is consequently open to change and external influence.Frequently irreverent and occasionally anarchic, DAMP’s projects are always imbued with a sense of fun.

Photo: Mathhew Stanton

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