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Artists in Conversation: Nicholas Mangan


Tuesday 13 August, 12.30-1.30pm
Monash University Museum of Art, Caulfield campus
FREE ///

Nicholas Mangan responds to Simon Starling: In Speculum, discussing his own research-based practices with a focus on shared concerns and engagement with materiality, scientific enquiry, site-specificity, the studio/workshop, research, scale, technology, and sculptural process.

Alert to both history and science, Nicholas Mangan is a multi-disciplinary artist known for interrogating narratives embedded in a diverse range of objects. With a keen interest in the processes of forming meaning from objects, culture and natural phenomena, Mangan creates unnerving drawings, montages, sculptures and installations. His work addresses a wide range of themes, including the ongoing impacts of colonialism, humanity’s fraught relationship with the natural environment, contemporary consumptive cultures and the complex dynamics of the global political economy.

Image: Nicholas Mangan, Raft 2006-2007. Monash University Collection

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