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Artists in Conversation: Sanne Mestrom & George Egerton-Warburton


Tuesday 27 August, 12.30 - 1.30pm
Monash University Museum of Art, Caulfield campus

Sanné Mestrom and George Egerton-Warburton respond to Simon Starling: In Speculum, discussing their own practices with a focus on their shared concerns and engagement with materiality, the studio/workshop, research, scale, site and sculptural process.

Sanné Mestrom draws from 20th century iconic modernist works to explore psychological, emotional and cultural significance attached to them. She explores how value is accorded to objects or how they may become substitutes for particular values or beliefs. By reinterpreting the formal tropes of painting through sculpture, Mestrom investigates how art objects and images are always tied to their cultural and art historical contexts. She creates imperfect casts and copies of objects in contrary materials, making a bronze version of a plastic original, or plaster version of stone sculpture. The role of copying, or repeating something, in a process of deferral as she describes it, is important to her practice, making room for new relationships outside of ideas of uniqueness or originality.

Using language and the vocabularies of self-actualisation, Egerton- Warburton investigates the historical and philosophical notion of the good life. His recent exhibitions include The Stalactite Love Review, as part of Perth International Arts Festival, University of Western Australia, 2011; Country Grammar, TCB, 2011; and Yellow vest syndrome, Fremantle Arts Centre, 2009. In 2012 Egerton-Warburton completed a residency at the British School in Rome, funded by the Australia Council. Egerton-Warburton is currently a studio resident at Gertrude Contemporary, and he recently worked as an assistant to Simon Starling on In Speculum conceived by Starling in response to the Great Melbourne Telescope.

Images: Sanné Mestrom, Muse 1, Muse 2 2012, installation view, Monash University Museum of Art.
Photo: John Brash
Below: Egerton-Warburton, The Stalactite Love Review,  2011.

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