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Saturday 6 July 2013, 5.00 - 8.00pm
Monash University Museum of Art
FREE ///

In the lead up to the Federal Election A Centre for Everything ask you to put your vote where your mouth is: If Tony Abbott were an ingredient, what would he be? Salt? Sprouts? Tinned Pineapple? Sausage? How about Adam Bandt? He’s a Green, so does that mean he would be Peas or Broccoli? And would this make a difference to your preferences?

To vote:

  1. Enrol. Fill Fill in the enrolment form and post it in the ballot box at MUMA. You will then be sent a voting card.
  2. Vote. The results of the ballot will determine the meal cooked.
  3. Eat. A random selection from the voting registry will form the guest list invited to eat. The meal will be served as a 'finissage' to Direct Democracy on the final day of the exhibition.

Your vote tastes!

A Centre for Everything (Gabrielle de Vietri & Will Foster) is a collaborative project established in 2012. Open to anyone who wishes to participate, the project takes form as a series of regular events modelled on a Venn diagram of disparate interests that manifest as workshops, discussions, activities, and meals.

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