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Dates: 14 February - 17 April 2014
Time: 12.00-5.00pm daily, Tuesday-Saturday
Venue: Monash University Museum of Art

Club Purple, a nude daytime disco, is presented within the exhibition Stuart Ringholt: Kraft. The disco is a unique place to experience music, colour and movement without the restrictions of clothing and footwear. Club Purple is limited to people over age 18.

Remaining session times:
Thursday 10 April 12-5pm: Private solo and group bookings 
Friday 11 April 12-5pm: Mixed (co-ed)
Saturday 12 April 12-5pm: Mixed (co-ed)
Tuesday 15 April 12-5pm: Private solo and group bookings 
Wednesday 16 April 12-5pm: Private solo and group bookings
Thursday 17 April 12-5pm: Mixed (co-ed)

Bookings are optional, you are welcome to drop in for a dance during session times as listed above, or you can make a booking online to reserve a time for yourself and/or group of friends.
Contact MUMA for enquiries.
Please read the
Club Rules.

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