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Doing Things With Art: Performances and Readings


Clark Beaumont

Doing Things With Art
Saturday 11 October 2014, 2-4pm

As part of Art as a Verb and the opening weekend of the Melbourne Festival, MUMA will present an afternoon of live events. A second and final performance of Taped by Jill Scott will accompany the final performance day of Coexisting by Clark Beaumont. Additionally, from 3pm Bianca Hester, Christopher L G Hill, Anastasia Klose and Kenny Pittock will present live readings of iconic manifestos, which have inspired their own artistic practice.

Taped: Jill Scott
Jill Scott has lived and worked in North America, Australia and Europe. Scott's explorations in performance, video art and new media over the last four decades have been motivated by her interest in the human body, specifically how the artists' body is represented in relation to the body of the audience. MUMA will present Scott's seminal 1975 performance work, Taped, originally performed in a warehouse building in San Francisco. Scott stood on a pair of tall ladders and was fixed to the side of the wall using ten rolls of two inch-thick masking tape. She remained there until sunset. Taped will be re-performed on both Saturday 4 and Saturday 11 October, using the exact method to attach, and then leave suspended, a figure to defy gravity.

Coexisting: Clark Beaumont
Nicole Beaumont and Sarah Clark began their collaborative performance-based practice in 2010. Through live and mediated works, Clark Beaumont investigate ideas around identity, female subjectivity, intimacy and interpersonal relationships. At MUMA they will present Coexisting, originally commissioned as part of 13 Rooms, curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Klaus Biesenbach for Kaldor Public Art Projects, Sydney (2013). Explicitly positioning the artists as artwork, the pair will spend the duration of the performance, on a plinth with a surface area just too small for two people to comfortably occupy. As a physical manifestation of their creative relationship, as well as a durational challenge, Clark Beaumont must continually navigate the complex terrains of negotiation and compromise that define collaborative artistic practice. Coexisting will commence with Art as a Verb on Friday 3 and finish on Saturday 11 October.

For further information about Art as a Verb please click here.

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