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MUMA Artists & Thinkers Talks: Anita La Pietra and Bryan Spier


Saturday 2 May 2015

Please join us for a conversation between Anita La Pietra, curator LUMA | LaTrobe University Museum of Art and artist Bryan Spier as they discuss the work of forgotten Victorian era artist Georgiana Houghton (1814 - 1884) in relation to their own research interests.

Anita La Pietra will discuss the spirit photographs produced by Houghton (in partnership with Frederick Hudson) with a focus on the performativity of Houghton's practice (as a precursor to 20th century practices such as automatism and other types of performance art) and the way in which 19th Century Spiritualism allowed women to have a voice (or indeed create art) - albeit "channelled" from the male spirits.

Bryan Spier is best known for his highly coloured abstract paintings. He will discuss the relation of Georgiana Houghton's paintings to abstract art, and of abstract art to Spiritualism. Thinking of Houghton's work in formal terms; positing line as both path and avatar, with bends and modulations to the line as moments of revelation.

The work of Georgiana Houghton is currently on display as part of Believe not every spirit, but try the spirits.

Free and informal discussion in the MUMA gallery spaces.
All welcome, no bookings required.

Image: Georgiana Houghton
The Portrait of the Lord Jesus Christ 1862

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